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Transcript February 19, 2011: Gods, Monsters, Misfits and Hybrids – how Greek myths are trending in UF in 2011

As you probably know we are having serious issues retrieving the transcripts for UFchat and have been for some time. Please excuse the lack of formatting as I’m trying to get these up as quickly as possible once I get any semblance of the chat together. Thank you.

5:00 pm UF_Chat: Gods, Monsters, Misfits and Hybrids – how Greek myths are trending in UF in 2011 #UFchat 3pm PST/6pm EST
5:00 pm inkgypsy: Gods, Monsters, Misfits and Hybrids – how Greek myths are trending in UF in 2011 #UFchat 3pm PST/6pm EST
5:06 pm Laura_Bickle: RT @UF_Chat: Gods, Monsters, Misfits and Hybrids – how Greek myths are trending in UF in 2011 #UFchat 3pm PST/6pm EST
5:07 pm jillmyles: Ooo! RT @UF_Chat: Gods, Monsters, Misfits and Hybrids – how Greek myths are trending in UF in 2011 #UFchat 3pm PST/6pm EST
5:18 pm tadbo: RT @inkgypsy: Gods, Monsters, Misfits and Hybrids – how Greek myths are trending in UF in 2011 #UFchat 3pm PST/6pm EST
7:51 pm AnassaRh: For the non-squeamish folks at #ufchat: Medical illustrations reveal the anatomy of mythical beings (via @io9) http://t.co/CTKgy4n
7:54 pm AnassaRh: @inkgypsy Maybe mention the problems after #ufchat? Perhaps the hivemind can help.
8:29 pm UF_Chat: Greek mythology-based UF is an emerging trend in UF this year (esp YA UF!) Come discuss in #UFchat at 3pmPST/6pm EST TODAY!
8:29 pm inkgypsy: Greek mythology-based UF is an emerging trend in UF this year (esp YA UF!) Come discuss in #UFchat at 3pmPST/6pm EST TODAY!
8:31 pm marirandomities: RT @uf_chat: Greek mythology-based UF is an emerging trend in UF this year (esp YA UF!) Come discuss in #UFchat at 3pmPST/6pm EST TODAY!
8:32 pm QQwill: RT @UF_Chat: Greek mythology-based UF is an emerging trend in UF this year (esp YA UF!) Come discuss in #UFchat at 3pmPST/6pm EST TODAY!
8:32 pm SecretsWriter: RT @UF_Chat: Greek mythology-based UF is an emerging trend in UF this year (esp YA UF!) Come discuss in #UFchat at 3pmPST/6pm EST TODAY!
8:34 pm inkgypsy: RT @AnassaRh For non-squeamish #ufchat folks: Medical illustrations reveal anatomy of mythical beings (via @io9) http://on.io9.com/ijqXAJ
8:49 pm inkgypsy: @AmaliaTd Going to mention your blog in today’s resource section on #UFchat. Thanks to @AnassaRh for alerting me to the awesome!
9:00 pm inkgypsy: 2 hr countdown to #UFchat! Sick of vamps, weres & zombies but love UF? 2011’s emerging Greek mythology-based UF may be up your alley! 3pmPST
9:00 pm UF_Chat: 2 hr countdown to #UFchat! Sick of vamps, weres & zombies but love UF? 2011’s emerging Greek mythology-based UF may be up your alley! 3pmPST
9:02 pm UF_Chat: #UFchat heads up: Tweetchat appears to be behind this week again (is that almost 2 mnths now?) Suggest finding alt way to follow/participate
9:02 pm inkgypsy: #UFchat heads up: Tweetchat appears to be behind this week again (is that almost 2 mnths now?) Suggest finding alt way to follow/participate
9:04 pm cdreimer: r @inkgypsy You mean Kelly McCullough’s MythOS series (Greek/Norse myths w/computer hacking) is finally catching on? πŸ™‚ #ufchat #justsaying
9:04 pm shadowflame1974: 2 hours to #UFChat Discussion: Greek Mythology and UF
9:05 pm inkgypsy: @cdreimer It’s getting noticed now yes! (I know – it’s nothing new but now there’s a whole slew coming!) #UFchat
9:05 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @shadowflame1974 I was a going to do a greek story for 2012 Olympics but I couldn’t get it to work #UFChat
9:07 pm UF_Chat: @kristiluchi Do you use Tweetdeck? If so add a #UFchat column to watch. Participate by adding the hashtag when tweeting.
9:08 pm UF_Chat: @kristiluchi Alternately look up tweetchat.com (altho be warned it is delayed by few mins) OR use Search Twitter. Look for #UFchat. πŸ™‚
9:09 pm jbeemills: RT @UF_Chat: Greek mythology-based UF is an emerging trend in UF this year (esp YA UF!) Come discuss in #UFchat at 3pmPST/6pm EST TODAY!
9:11 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: I’m off to have a nap so I can stay awake for #UFChat
9:11 pm cdreimer: @inkgypsy Wouldn’t surprise me if “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” movie (2010) was the inspiration for these wannabes. #ufchat #ohmoney
9:22 pm kristiluchi: If only I could get the hang of #hashtags #ufchat
9:22 pm Queryaddict: Read an excerpt of ‘Hit List’ – on #BookBuzzrhttp://bit.ly/dqby8b #anitablacke, #ufchat
9:24 pm inkgypsy: @cdreimer I think seeing sirens and furies sell well last year helped too. #UFchat But then bks were being written 2 yrs ago… interesting!
9:24 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi That worked! You’re in the #UFchat column now. πŸ™‚ Can you see other #UFchat posts?
9:25 pm inkgypsy: @kdueykduey Urban fantasy πŸ™‚ #UFchat
9:25 pm kristiluchi: @inkgypsy I can. Woot! #hashtags are the death of me. I either use too many or none at all. #ufchat
9:28 pm cdreimer: @kristiluchi I remember the days of reading Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher before UF became a genre. Then wannabes came flooding in. #ufchat
9:29 pm UF_Chat: The grotesque & supernatural hybrids meet ancient & modern femme fatales as Greek myth storms UF in a wave in 2011! #UFchat @ 3pmPST
9:29 pm inkgypsy: The grotesque & supernatural hybrids meet ancient & modern femme fatales as Greek myth storms UF in a wave in 2011! #UFchat @ 3pmPST
9:29 pm kdueykduey: inkgypsy #UFchat Of course. A genre I love and almost write.
9:29 pm kristiluchi: @cdreimer I shied away from reading any UF for a long time. But weirdly, long before I read any UF, I found myself writing it #ufchat
9:30 pm shadowflame1974: @kristiluchi Don’t worry about it. I still forget to use them sometimes. #UFChat
9:31 pm inkgypsy: @kdueykduey I love that almost thing. πŸ™‚ We’re talking Greek mythology influenced UF today – lots about to be released for 2011. #UFchat
9:31 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi That’s how a lot of us came to it actually! I should have that as a chat topic one day. Writing UF before reading it. #UFchat
9:32 pm kdueykduey: @inkgypsy I love the general trend, that the roots go so deep. I proves human continuity to me…our needs don’t change. #UFchat
9:35 pm inkgypsy: @kdueykduey Yes! People still people, today as ever. & just as w fire, gods likely had cellphones 1st before we stole them πŸ˜‰ #UFchat
9:36 pm kristiluchi: @inkgypsy LOL, I remember being 14 and reading all of the five paranormal vampire books in our little library over and over. #ufchat
9:39 pm kdueykduey: @cdreimer @kristiluchi I have no way to prove it, but I doubt they were all “wannabees”. Things often trend w/o traceable imitation. #UFchat
9:45 pm kristiluchi: I really really should be writing! Why oh why is the internet so aweseome! #ufchat
9:46 pm kristiluchi: @kdueykduey Anne Rice. Never read any of them. #ufchat
9:56 pm MarcUpdates: O.k, Have I got this right then? #UFchat
9:57 pm kristiluchi: yes, especially if you have it saved as a search column. #ufchat
9:58 pm shadowflame1974: 1 hour to Greek Myths and the UF trends. #UFChat
9:58 pm kristiluchi: @MarcUpdates don’t forget the #hashtag, they’ve been messing me up all day. #ufchat
10:00 pm UF_Chat: Aoohgah! 1 hr to #UFchat! Bring boots & kevlar vests & shields. Greek myths R invading UF! Medusa Sirens Furies Valkyries & more! 3pm PST
10:00 pm MarcUpdates: @kristiluchi Bugger, yes, the hashtag is rather important. Bit like fangs on a vampire. #UFchat
10:00 pm kristiluchi: RT @UF_Chat: Aoohgah! 1 hr to #UFchat! Bring boots & kevlar vests & shields. Greek myths R invading UF! Medusa Sirens Furies Valkyries & more! 3pm PST
10:00 pm inkgypsy: Aoohgah! 1 hr to #UFchat! Bring boots & kevlar vests & shields. Greek myths R invading UF! Medusa Sirens Furies Valkyries & more! 3pm PST
10:02 pm shadowflame1974: @MarcUpdates yes you do #UFChat
10:02 pm kristiluchi: @MarcUpdates Yeah, sharp teeth won’t cut it… #ufchat
10:02 pm MarcUpdates: Sparkles on a vampire. Do Not Want! #UFchat
10:03 pm mandymroth: so I have to put my dead-be-dazzler away? RT @MarcUpdates: Sparkles on a vampire. Do Not Want! #UFchat
10:04 pm kristiluchi: @mandymroth NO! Bedazzlers are awesome! #ufchat
10:04 pm mandymroth: sweet! Love it. Very circa 1995 RT @kristiluchi: @mandymroth NO! Bedazzlers are awesome! #ufchat
10:05 pm kristiluchi: @mandymroth LOL, it’s like middle school all over again! #ufchat
10:06 pm mandymroth: @kristiluchi ah, the good ole days #ufchat
10:07 pm kristiluchi: @mandymroth I know… I can pratically feel the jelly shoes and I’m getting the urge to wear a huge tshirt tied in a knot at my hip. #ufchat
10:07 pm MarcUpdates: argh, tweetdeck, why do you torment me with your non-updating column! #UFchat
10:08 pm mandymroth: @kristiluchi if u add a side ponytail to that and sing “hanging touch” you’re set #ufchat
10:08 pm kristiluchi: @mandymroth Don’t forget the Tyedye and Daisy dukes #ufchat
10:09 pm kristiluchi: @MarcUpdates maybe it’s your settings? #ufchat
10:09 pm MarcUpdates: @kristiluchi I have no idea, I’m playing around with them and getting nowhere #ufchat
10:10 pm mandymroth: @kristiluchi come on baby, kick dem daisies… #ufchat
10:10 pm kristiluchi: @mandymroth LOl, or I could go the grunge look, with the holey jeans too. #ufchat
10:13 pm MarcUpdates: O.k, I think I’ve got this figured out now, watch my awesomeness as I use tweetdeck and seesmic! #ufchat
10:15 pm leapetra: RT @inkgypsy: Aoohgah! 1 hr to #UFchat! Bring boots & kevlar vests & shields. Greek myths R invading UF! 3pm PST #ufchat
10:16 pm leapetra: Wait! Valkyries aren’t Greek! But if we are going to talk about the Norse too, that would be cool #ufchat
10:17 pm kristiluchi: @leapetra I think we’re going with all of the old myths. *grin*#ufchat
10:19 pm inkgypsy: @leapetra Heh heh! You win! Was wondering if any would pick up on that! In talking about topic realized lots were mixing up cultures #UFChat
10:19 pm leapetra: @kristiluchi I have been catching up on the Norse and Finnish lately. Research I swear! #ufchat
10:19 pm MarcUpdates: Nope, still not flipping working right #ufchat
10:20 pm shadowflame1974: @inkgypsy @leapetra would be interesting to see a bunch of old mythos meeting in a UF #UFChat
10:20 pm kristiluchi: #hashtags will be the death of me #ufchat
10:21 pm shadowflame1974: @MarcUpdates this will work but sometimes a bit slow http://bit.ly/fikiTb #UFChat
10:22 pm MarcUpdates: So it’s Greek myths tonight, then. I did read the Percy Jackson series. #ufchat
10:22 pm kristiluchi: The combination of them all reminds me of X-Men somewhat… what with the clashing of Ares and Thor… #ufchat
10:22 pm kristiluchi: @MarcUpdates See, and I’ve just read a lot of greek myths. #ufchat
10:23 pm leapetra: @shadowflame1974 actually I know of at least one book already, but I will save it for chat. #ufchat
10:23 pm MarcUpdates: @shadowflame1974 Thank you πŸ™‚ #UFChat
10:24 pm MarcUpdates: So this is just kinda free form ranbling at the moment then? #ufchat
10:24 pm AmaliaTd: I just finished the first 5 Percy Jackson books today. Love them so much! @MarcUpdates #UFchat
10:25 pm shadowflame1974: @MarcUpdates yea kid of a pre-game show lol #UFChat
10:25 pm shadowflame1974: @AmaliaTd I think my oldest has read some of them. I know he saw the movie #UFChat
10:26 pm MarcUpdates: So here’s a question, would Harry Potter count as UF? #UFChat
10:27 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi Oh – happy to cover it all! BUT curious about the specifically Greek myth trend (we’ll be discussing it all really) #UFchat
10:29 pm inkgypsy: @shadowflame1974 I’ve seen a few from a while back but less successfuly UF – too ‘traditional’ I think? Even used olde language. #UFchat
10:29 pm shadowflame1974: @MarcUpdates well, the Muggle setting is familiar in England, and the fantasy element is the Hogwort’s and wizards and witches #UFChat
10:29 pm AmaliaTd: @shadowflame1974 The movie is awful, compared to the books. It ripped all the life out of them. imho. #UFchat
10:29 pm kristiluchi: @inkgypsy I have my own reasons for choosing to work in the Greek Mythology but it’ll be really intresting to see others’ #ufchat
10:29 pm shadowflame1974: @shadowflame1974 I know of one series that combines 2 established mythos. #UFChat
10:29 pm inkgypsy: @shadowflame1974 Could definitely use a UF-ing! πŸ˜‰ It would be interesting/awesome in good authors hands. #UFchat
10:30 pm UF_Chat: In 30 mins: Gods & Monsters ? esp the Greek kind ? why are they coming out of the UF woodwork this year? Come discuss in #UFchat @ 3pm PST
10:30 pm inkgypsy: In 30 mins: Gods & Monsters ? esp the Greek kind ? why are they coming out of the UF woodwork this year? Come discuss in #UFchat @ 3pm PST
10:30 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi You know -that’s one Q I forgot to add to my list! Thx – I will add something like that now. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
10:31 pm QQwill: RT @UF_Chat: In 30 mins: Gods & Monsters ? esp the Greek kind ? why are they coming out of the UF woodwork this year? Come discuss in #UFchat @ 3pm PST
10:31 pm AmaliaTd: RT @inkgypsy: In 30 mins: Gods & Monsters ? esp the Greek kind ? why are they coming out of the UF woodwork this year? Come discuss in #UFchat @ 3pm PST
10:31 pm kristiluchi: @inkgypsy Also, I wonder how people are treatingthe immortality and magic issue. #ufchat
10:32 pm MarcUpdates: I was trying to work out earlier, when did UF really start to bloom? Was it interview with a vampire? Buffy? #ufchat
10:34 pm shadowflame1974: @MarcUpdates I believe it started more with the female fatale than an element of vampires or werewolves. #UFChat
10:34 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi Immortality is one of the continuous challenges in UF – just because vamps normally have it. (cont) #UFchat
10:35 pm leapetra: @MarcUpdates I think there have always been books that could be called UF, it’s just lately they have their own heading. #UFChat
10:35 pm JeannieHolmes: @MarcUpdates I think it sort of started with Anne Rice but blossomed in late 80s/early 90s with Tanya Huff & LKH. #UFchat
10:35 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi My question is how to keep people fro getting bored wth all powerful gods. #UFchat
10:36 pm inkgypsy: @kristiluchi 1 xlnt series lost my interest immediately when MC started turning into a god. 😦 #UFchat
10:36 pm kristiluchi: @inkgypsy I have a solution to that, it’s all in their personalities… #ufchat
10:38 pm leapetra: @inkgypsy @kristiluchi A lot of the gods have faults. Maybe powerful, but still can mess up. #UFChat
10:38 pm AmaliaTd: @inkgypsy That’s easy– by making them human πŸ™‚ all powerful or not, if they have human vices, they’re fascinating! @kristiluchi #UFchat
10:39 pm kristiluchi: @AmaliaTd @leapetra Exactly. And, they’e lived for thousands and thousands of years, so they’re plob a little batshit. #ufchat
10:39 pm MarcUpdates: @inkgypsy I think you have to stay away from “all powerfull gods” on account that no cost for magic = boring #ufchat
10:39 pm kristiluchi: #ufchat I hear that. To MarySue for me as well. I, personally, plan to use some of the dysfuction in the myths that often get left behind.
10:40 pm inkgypsy: @AmaliaTd YES! Have to have the human element otherwise I am bored with all powerful, lives forever, can-do-anything characs. #UFchat
10:40 pm inkgypsy: @MarcUpdates Completely agree! #UFchat All powerful = no limits = no real challenges/stakes/risks = BORING! #UFchat
10:41 pm leapetra: @kristiluchi look at Thor, not the brightest bulb in the lamp. #UFChat
10:42 pm AmaliaTd: The great thing about the Greek myths, is that those gods ALL have HUGE faults and vices. I think that’s part of the attraction. #UFchat
10:42 pm MarcUpdates: @leapetra Rawr! Thor Plan number 1 HIt With Hammer! Thor Plan number 2, See plan number 1! #ufchat
10:42 pm kristiluchi: @leapetra totally. I read him in a Red Sonya Miniseries and loved it! #ufchat
10:42 pm AmaliaTd: @leapetra Hey now. It isn’t his fault he’s been concussed every day of his life. #ThorLove #UfChat
10:43 pm MarcUpdates: The greek gods were incredibly human, for all their power #ufchat
10:43 pm kristiluchi: @AmaliaTd YES! They are all totally totally screwed up. #ufchat #hashtagfail
10:44 pm MarcUpdates: @AmaliaTd @kristiluchi Weren’t they also inbred like crazy? #ufchat
10:45 pm leapetra: and it doesn’t help that Loki had to get him out of a few jams #Thor #UFChat
10:45 pm AmaliaTd: @MarcUpdates you’re forgetting the DRINK LOTS OF MEAD and EAT EVERYONE OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME. #ThorLove #UFChat
10:45 pm AmaliaTd: @MarcUpdates I don’t think inbreeding is an issue for gods. but yes, Zeus and Hera were brother and sister, etc. #UFChat
10:46 pm AmaliaTd: @leapetra Loki got Thor INTO the jams before he got him OUT of them. #UfChat #ThorLove
10:46 pm MarcUpdates: @AmaliaTd That’s not a plan, that’s “Thor’s Guide to being a goog guest” #ufchat
10:46 pm leapetra: You have to check this out http://www.godchecker.com/ great place for all the gods #ufchat
10:48 pm MarcUpdates: @kristiluchi True, they were batsh*t insane. Do we really need to talk about Zeus’s golden shower? #ufchat
10:48 pm inkgypsy: @MarcUpdates I’ll skip that one thanks! lol #UFchat
10:48 pm kristiluchi: @MarcUpdates No. #ufchat
10:48 pm leapetra: @AmaliaTd You now know why Odin had all that gray hair. Thor and Loki drove him to it. #ufchat
10:49 pm UF_Chat: Good for chat today! For RT @leapetra: You have to check this out http://bit.ly/NIIw great place for all the gods #ufchat
10:49 pm MarcUpdates: @inkgypsy @kristiluchi Yes, skipping _that_ is a great idea. #ufchat
10:50 pm inkgypsy: Primer for #UFchat early birds: Mythology & UF -challenges of using established mythology (by Urban Psychopomp) http://bit.ly/fc3YFv #UFchat
10:50 pm UF_Chat: Primer for #UFchat early birds: Mythology & UF -challenges of using established mythology (by Urban Psychopomp) http://bit.ly/fc3YFv #UFchat
10:50 pm AmaliaTd: @leapetra I think a good portion of it was anticipating the end of all things, too. And the hanging himself for wisdom. #ufchat #Leavesamark
10:50 pm MarcUpdates: I always get Odin and Wodin confused. #ufchat
10:50 pm kristiluchi: @MarcUpdates One of my favorite things about the gods are their wives. Reference Hera and Amphitrite. #ufchat
10:51 pm inkgypsy: Alright – strapping on the #UFchat boots & my #UFchat helmet, changing to mod mode- we’re taking on the gods today! (& other Greek myths πŸ˜‰
10:51 pm leapetra: @MarcUpdates almost the same. One’s German, the other Norse #ufchat
10:52 pm NJBuchanan: RT @leapetra: You have to check this out http://www.godchecker.com/ great place for all the gods #ufchat
10:52 pm AmaliaTd: @kristiluchi Amphitrite seems so much more resigned to Poseidon’s affairs than Hera is to Zeus’. #Ufchat
10:52 pm MarcUpdates: @leapetra So the mythology is mirrored? #ufchat
10:53 pm UF_Chat: Got lost in #UFchat last time thx to #tweetchatfail? Alts: use Tweetdeck & add #UFchat column or online: Twitter Search http://bit.ly/eSSP2F
10:53 pm shadowflame1974: @MarcUpdates some are. #UFChat has mostly to do with cross cultures
10:53 pm kristiluchi: @AmaliaTd I alway thought of her more as more, accepting as a part of his personality. Hera is so violent, even blaming the women. #ufchat
10:54 pm inkgypsy: @AmaliaTd @leapetra Impending apocalypses give gods gray hair? There’s something col about that. πŸ˜‰ #UFchat
10:54 pm kristiluchi: Amphtritie was very welcoming and understanding to the women and the offspring. #ufchat
10:54 pm leapetra: Funny thing was earlier today I found a link to a person claiming Hello Kitty was evil, because she looked like Bast. Go figure #ufchat
10:55 pm leapetra: @MarcUpdates Like the Greeks and the Romans #ufchat
10:55 pm AmaliaTd: @kristiluchi Yeah, Hera is exceptionally cruel. It’s pretty disturbing how much punishment she doles out to the women involved. #UfChat
10:55 pm dref22: RT @leapetra: Funny thing was earlier today I found a link to a person claiming Hello Kitty was evil, because she looked like Bast. Go figure #ufchat
10:55 pm inkgypsy: @leapetra Well of COURSE she is – Hello Kitty being Bast that is. Evil? Only sometimes. πŸ˜‰ I’m kinda curious about the link… #UFchat
10:55 pm MarcUpdates: Considering todays subject, I’ve just realised that Wonderwoman counts as Urban Fantasy πŸ˜€ #ufchat
10:56 pm kristiluchi: @AmaliaTd A lot of them are. Medusa got he raw shaft of the deal from Athena. #ufchat
10:57 pm MarcUpdates: Promethius, now there’s someone thatgot a raw deal #ufchat
10:57 pm AmaliaTd: @kristiluchi So did Callisto, by Artemis. I actually have a series on my blog right now about Affairs of the Gods + fallout #ufchat
10:57 pm inkgypsy: @MarcUpdates Aaaand there you see one of reasons why I think superheroes and UF are 1st cousins. #UFchat (re Wonder Woman)
10:58 pm TENscribeshop: Okay #UFchat , I’m ecstatic about today’s topic. Did I miss the whole chat?
10:58 pm inkgypsy: @MarcUpdates I really want to have a superheroes vs UF kicka$$ vigilantes chat one day but think would be good with a guest. #UFchat
10:58 pm leapetra: @inkgypsy Hello Kitty is evil? This person thinks so. Thank goodness the response was right on the money. http://ow.ly/3ZAy9 #ufchat
10:58 pm AmaliaTd: @inkgypsy Superheroes are the continuation and rebirth of old Myths, all the way! Closer than first cousins, I’d say! #ufchat
10:59 pm MarcUpdates: @inkgypsy Sounds like a plan to me! #ufchat
10:59 pm johanncarlisle: still trying to think of the killer segue between #cyberpunkchat over here and #ufchat starting over there πŸ˜‰
10:59 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: #UFChat Ben signing in – let’s hope I can stay awake.
11:00 pm leapetra: BTW watching Two Towers while in chat today. talk about a series influenced by myth #UFChat
11:00 pm UF_Chat: 3, 2, 1… & now we?re live with #UFchat! Today we?re looking at emerging trend of Greek myth in UF (incl YA).
11:01 pm UF_Chat: Got so caught up in Uf discussion I almost forgot to actually start! #UFchat
11:01 pm UF_Chat: Gods & Monsters ? esp the Greek kind ? why are they coming out of the UF woodwork this year? #UFchat
11:01 pm UF_Chat: Reminder: ?S? stands for statement which will be followed by a ?Q? (a related #UFchat question for discussion).
11:01 pm johanncarlisle: maybe #cyberpunkchat and #ufchat both inhabit #noir space? so we’re handing over the raincape and the spraycan to a more romantic graffitist
11:01 pm UF_Chat: S: After angels & demons in 2010, 2011 showing new trend of Greek mythology as base for many new UF books & series – esp in YA. #UFchat
11:01 pm DawnEmbers: finished cleaning in time for #UFchat
11:02 pm UF_Chat: Q1: Are you aware of any books/series that have used Greek mythology to date (not necessarily new)? #UFchat
11:02 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat I wasn’t aware this was a new trend #UFChat
11:02 pm QQwill: @UF_Chat Just this year? #UFchat
11:02 pm inkgypsy: @johanncarlisle UF has strong noir roots – VERY strong. About as much as the horror roots actually. #UFchat
11:02 pm shadowflame1974: @johanncarlisle lol i think we do! #UFChat
11:02 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: A1 Apart from the YA Olympian books? #UFChat
11:03 pm UF_Chat: @QQwill We’ve had a smattering before but apparently in the release pipeline are a ton coming inn 2011 – esp YA. #UFchat
11:03 pm QQwill: @UF_Chat Q1 Doesn’t the Webnage series include Greek mythology? #UFchat
11:03 pm AmaliaTd: I think a lot of the popularity is capitalizing off Percy Jackson in middle grade. Clearly there is a solid market he’s tapped into. #ufchat
11:03 pm amandabonilla: I’ve heard YA is going to see more of this trend. Not so sure about the adult market #ufchat
11:03 pm inkgypsy: @Ben_Aaronovitch Yes – in addition to those there are more furies, sirens and medusa offsprings coming, among others. #UFchat
11:04 pm leapetra: S Where do we start Percy Jackson for one. A lot of Neil Gaimen works #UFChat
11:04 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @inkgypsy Just shows how easy it is to miss stuff. #UFchat
11:04 pm kristiluchi: I think that the adult market will be a completly different animal than the YA market. #ufchat
11:04 pm inkgypsy: @amandabonilla Adult market is showing more furies and sirens for starters. #UFchat
11:05 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @inkgypsy Titles? #UFchat
11:05 pm QQwill: @amandabonilla That’s what I was wondering. I don’t keep up with YA that much. Not enough time. #UFchat
11:05 pm amandabonilla: @QQwill Me either1 There’s too much good adult market stuff out there! πŸ™‚ #ufchat
11:05 pm AmaliaTd: I think the adult market will go more toward historical fiction, retelling the myths, than UF. but that is just imho. #ufchat
11:05 pm UF_Chat: @kristiluchi Oh agreed but they do influence each other as many readers (& writers!) read YA UF specifically too. #UFchat
11:05 pm leapetra: Do they still teach the Greek myths in school? I don’t remember my kids talking about it. Maybe there is a need? #UFChat
11:05 pm cdreimer: Lurking in #ufchat for today. Revising a short story about a murderous shopping cart possessed by the spirit of an angry senior citizen.
11:06 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @AmaliaTd I think it will be dominated by British police wizards #ufchat
11:06 pm QQwill: @inkgypsy I think PNR has been full of Greek mythology for years. I know there is some UF… #UFchat
11:06 pm amandabonilla: I wouldn’t mind seeing more mythology, especially Greek, in adult UF #ufchat
11:06 pm DavidalBarron: @johanncarlisle How about “Dudes…urban cyberpunk with magic!” #ufchat
11:06 pm QQwill: @amandabonilla I just can’t read it all. #ufchat
11:06 pm inkgypsy: @Ben_Aaronovitch I only had time to gather hard evidence (cover & synopsis) on a few & will show but pub rumors abound. #UFchat
11:07 pm leapetra: A series my sons used to read The Viking was about the Norse Gods and the NFL #UFChat
11:07 pm amandabonilla: @QQwill Not enough hours in the day! #ufchat
11:07 pm Book_Faery: @genashowalter‘s Atlantis series (PNR) has Greek my aspects. Think PNRs use it a lot more than UF @QQwill @inkgypsy #UFchat
11:07 pm UF_Chat: @QQwill Agreed – think the focus is shifting from setting & other charcs to MCs tho – from all indications anyway. #UFchat
11:07 pm QQwill: @amandabonilla There is a book coming out on 2/22 that uses Greek myth in a very cool way. Loved it. #UFchat
11:07 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @leapetra I’d prefer norse gods – or some mythology I don’t know #UFChat
11:07 pm amandabonilla: I think if adult writers are going to tackle these mythologies, they’re going to have to be presented in a much grittier, darker way #ufchat
11:07 pm UF_Chat: Q2: What do you think the draw is for writers to use mythology in the UF stories? #UFchat
11:08 pm shadowflame1974: @leapetra no really more of a side project anymore #UFChat #UFChat
11:08 pm amandabonilla: @UF_Chat S2 I think it makes world building easier to have a concrete story and set of rules to pull from #ufchat
11:08 pm leapetra: as for the adult market. Satyrs are fun to write πŸ˜€ #UFChat
11:08 pm Book_Faery: @QQwill @inkgypsy Though I will say my UF series uses elements from Greek myth for back story. @Jess_Haines uses too I believe #UFchat
11:08 pm inkgypsy: @amandabonilla Agreed – also hard not to get caught up in ‘soap’ aspect which OK for PNR but notsomuch straight UF. #UFchat
11:08 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: RT @Ben_Aaronovitch: A2 Mythologies tend to represent a body of very primal stories that have stood the test of time. #ufchat
11:09 pm amandabonilla: @QQwill Nice! Are you going to review it? #ufchat
11:09 pm root2702: @johanncarlisle The “American god” of technolgy in _American Gods_ might be your cyberwar>urbanFantasy fulcrum #cyberpunkchat #UFChat
11:09 pm kristiluchi: S: I think it’s the ability to use a pre-created world and change and alter it to your tastes. like the vampires. #ufchat
11:09 pm cindymariej: @UF_Chat Common stories most people have in their consciousness. May not know exact story of Achilles’ heel, but doesn’t sound good #ufchat
11:09 pm Book_Faery: Greek my = Greek myth. RT @Book_Faery: @genashowalter‘s Atlantis series (PNR) has Greek my aspects. …@QQwill @inkgypsy #UFchat
11:09 pm AmaliaTd: A2: I think these are stories which resonate deeply. The heroes suffer cruel fates. no guaranteed happy ending. Tragedy abounds. #ufchat
11:09 pm QQwill: @amandabonilla Already did review it but did not want to reveal what mythology and what myth! #UFchat
11:09 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @cindymariej Good Point #ufchat
11:10 pm UF_Chat: @Book_Faery Yes Greek myths been used in b/story since UF ‘appeared’ but Greek myth charcs appearing more as MCs this yr apparently #UFchat
11:10 pm amandabonilla: @QQwill I’ll go back and check it out! #ufchat
11:10 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat A2 All stories draw from myths, think of the archetypes #UFChat
11:10 pm UF_Chat: Q3: What are some different ways UF writers could mine mythology for material? #UFchat
11:11 pm QQwill: @UF_Chat Ah. Rob Thurman has secondary almost main character that is a Greek myth. #UFchat
11:11 pm cindymariej: What do you think is the reason most people use Greek myths and not Roman versions? #ufchat
11:11 pm AmaliaTd: A2: the world we’re living in right now seems similar– just as frightening as having unjust gods ruling over us. #ufchat
11:11 pm amandabonilla: I used Furies in an UF series I started. The myths worked perfectly for what I needed #ufchat
11:11 pm johanncarlisle: @amandabonilla I don’t think of retellings of Greek myth as particularly gritty & dark (but originals sure are gruesome & visceral!) #ufchat
11:11 pm MarcUpdates: @cindymariej Because they want to avoid jokes about Uranus us my guess #ufchat
11:11 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @cindymariej Especially since most of our knowledge of Greek myths come from Roman texts #ufchat
11:12 pm cindymariej: @UF_Chat Sorry, I just threw a question into #UFchat . Didn’t mean to overstep.
11:12 pm amandabonilla: @johanncarlisle Exactly. UF is sort of dark, so I don’t see it coming off like it should. #ufchat
11:12 pm kristiluchi: A3: Read the originals, and interpet things for yourselves There are many stories that wereproved true, Troy, and proved exaggerated #ufchat
11:12 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch Perhaps we feel that the Greeks were first and the Romans borrowed? #ufchat
11:12 pm Book_Faery: @UF_Chat Maybe it’s bc Vamps, Werewolves, Witches, etc are all overdone since the influx of para stories. Important to be unique? #UFchat
11:12 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat A3 my mind just went blank there are so many ways. #UFChat
11:13 pm susan_see: @leapetra shoot I never got taught such topics in school but then I lived in a shitty town w/ shitty schools. I explored on my own #UFChat
11:13 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: A3 A contrast in how standards of heroism have changed #UFchat
11:13 pm UF_Chat: @Book_Faery There’s definite indication that pubs stopped buying vamps for a while (unless your series already established) #UFchat
11:13 pm kristiluchi: A3: the minatour: there really was a maze and a city, but it was just weaponless bull fighters. #ufchat
11:13 pm johanncarlisle: @cindymariej that’s a good point; we know most of the Greek myths through the canon (Shakespeare, poets etc) rather than ancient art #ufchat
11:13 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat And I so wanted to an angsty vampire story 😦 #UFchat
11:14 pm AmaliaTd: @Ben_Aaronovitch that’s a really good one. heroics of the past compared to today are sooo different. #ufchat
11:14 pm leapetra: @cindymariej Greeks were the first, the Roman’s ursupred them. Except for Romulus not much added #UFChat
11:14 pm UF_Chat: @Book_Faery It’s odd re releases tho as seems many were writing Greek myth MCs at same time (2 yrs ago) when not much on shelves. #UFchat
11:14 pm MarcUpdates: @Ben_Aaronovitch What? Another one? πŸ˜‰ #ufchat
11:14 pm UF_Chat: Q4: What might be some challenges for a writer in using mythology? #UFchat
11:14 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @MarcUpdates I just can’t get enough #ufchat
11:14 pm johanncarlisle: @cindymariej which probably makes them less mysterious and dark-fantasy than other mythologies: Norse or Egyptian or Celtic/New Age. #ufchat
11:15 pm DavidalBarron: If fauns/minotaurs aren’t ‘generic’ at this point, I’ve seen an uptick (in short stories). An urban faun, even. #ufchat
11:15 pm shadowflame1974: I think a lot of origional Greek mythos is a lot like Brother’s Grimm fairy tales. Darker in the beginning #UFChat
11:15 pm amandabonilla: A4 I think you run the risk of offending traditionalists if you put personal spin on any mythology #ufchat
11:15 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: Q4 Making the heroes sympathetic. #UFchat
11:15 pm AmaliaTd: A4: Making it your own, primarily. Staying true to the myth while recreating it uniquely. It’s a fine line to walk! #ufchat
11:15 pm Book_Faery: @UF_Chat A4: making the story your own, while still staying “true” (using that word loosely) to the myths #ufchat
11:15 pm MarcUpdates: @Ben_Aaronovitch Well, I’m sure there are plenty of clone of a certain dusk baed book to go around atm πŸ™‚ #ufchat
11:15 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat for me, right now. Finding Troll information that is not WOW related. lol #UFChat
11:15 pm UF_Chat: @amandabonilla Culturally you mean? #UFchat
11:16 pm MarcUpdates: @leapetra Try adding Norway to your search terms, Norway is BIG on trolls #ufchat
11:16 pm UF_Chat: One thing I DIDN’T find is present day Greek thoughts on Greek mythology – is it as precious as eg Native American? Anyone know? #UFchat
11:16 pm QQwill: @Book_Faery A4 Give a different spin on why things happened in a myth. #ufchat
11:16 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat I do make references to Greek mythology in my second book. It will have greater significance later. @Book_Faery @QQwill @inkgypsy
11:17 pm leapetra: @amandabonilla I don’t think that is possible. Each myth gets retold and retooled through the years #UFChat
11:17 pm DavidalBarron: I engage in what I call “fictional syncretism”. I’ll just grab whatever myths sound good and toss ’em in the stew. #ufchat
11:17 pm johanncarlisle: @leapetra @cindymariej that’s more about the way the myths have survived into canon. Plenty of Roman/Etruscan myths parallel to Grks #ufchat
11:17 pm amandabonilla: @UF_Chat Culturally, for sure. Or even those who might say, “That’s not how it goes” if you put your own spin on it #ufchat
11:17 pm Book_Faery: @UF_Chat Well Since vamps are so pop, it’s difficult to come up with something unique/new to include to make them stand out #ufchat
11:17 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @DavidalBarron What Pratchett calls the cauldron of story #ufchat
11:17 pm UF_Chat: S: Kasey Mackenzie?s UF series unique w Fury as MC -not just creature. (Bk 2 soon -cover + comments here: http://on.fb.me/hX2vfJ ) #UFchat
11:17 pm UF_Chat: Q5: What do you think of a Fury as a UF protagonist? #UFchat
11:18 pm DavidalBarron: Then I let my characters eat the stew and see how they feel afterwards. Very multi-cultural, international. #ufchat
11:18 pm AmaliaTd: OH! a good UF Greek Myth book for Adults is Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips. (sorry that’s so late but true!) #Ufchat
11:18 pm UF_Chat: @Jess_Haines Can we discuss here or would that be spoilerish? #Ufchat
11:18 pm Book_Faery: @UF_Chat Greek myth chars unexplored means making them refreshing & your own without having to worry abt “copying” another’s ideas #ufchat
11:18 pm cindymariej: @leapetra It really probably comes down to how we heard about them like @johanncarlisle said. I’m studying that now, fascinating #ufchat
11:18 pm amandabonilla: A5: you could totally use a fury as a protag. It’d have to be written well. A nice, gray area character #ufchat
11:19 pm johanncarlisle: @amandabonilla there’s a fine line between adapting a myth and “getting it wrong” (perhaps out of ignorance), that will upset people #ufchat
11:19 pm shadowflame1974: @UF_Chat I don’t think so. mostly Greek mythos was replaced by other religions. #UFChat
11:19 pm leapetra: Along with Native American, lesser known (at least for Westerners) myths haven’t been touched much #UFChat
11:19 pm cindymariej: @UF_Chat When can I read it? (Q5) #ufchat
11:19 pm MarcUpdates: I just remembered Tom Holt, he’s written a lot of Urban (comedic) fantasy, involving all sorts of mythology #ufchat
11:19 pm amandabonilla: @johanncarlisle Thanks! You articulated what I was TRYING to say! πŸ˜‰ #ufchat
11:19 pm UF_Chat: @AmaliaTd That’s an older book – right? 80s release?? (bad memory there sorry) #UFchat Seen it recommended too.
11:19 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat @UF_Chat I’m OK with discussing some of it. If it gets too spoilerish I will keep my mouth shut. *g*
11:19 pm DavidalBarron: @Ben_Aaronovitch The cauldron of story contains the stew. (Nice save, David!) #ufchat
11:20 pm cindymariej: So many great retellings of Greek myths – they really enhance the imagination #ufchat
11:20 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: What was Q5? #ufchat
11:20 pm UF_Chat: @Jess_Haines So what inspired you to use Greek myths in book? Are they mainly in background or new main characs? #UFchat
11:20 pm AmaliaTd: @UF_Chat 2004, actually! So not that old. And it’s really fun. #Ufchat
11:21 pm inkgypsy: @Ben_Aaronovitch Q5: What do you think of a Fury as a UF protagonist? #UFchat
11:21 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat @UF_Chat Having a little lag, might take a sec for me to get the full answer out–please bear with me.
11:21 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @inkgypsy Thanks #UFchat
11:22 pm inkgypsy: @Jess_Haines Think we’ve all got the weird lag/echo factor happening today! #UFchat
11:22 pm UF_Chat: Q6: What other characters/creatures of Greek mythology do you think would make good protagonists (not just as supporting)? #UFchat
11:23 pm Agiliste: Many writers hold that a god is created by the faith of its followers, this could work πŸ™‚ @root2702: @johanncarlisle #cyberpunkchat #UFChat
11:23 pm QQwill: @UF_Chat Any that have not been main characters in comic books! #ufchat
11:23 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat In my second book, you learn that Alec Royce, the master vampire of New York, hails from Ancient Greece. His nemesis, Max Carlyle,
11:23 pm Book_Faery: A6: Harpy, siren, maybe offspring of a god/goddess, or offspring of a character in The Odyssey… #ufchat
11:23 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: A^ Odysseus #ufchat
11:23 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat Satyrs, Sirens (a pop star perhaps), #UFChat
11:23 pm AmaliaTd: A6: I think the Minotaur is really interesting to explore as a protagonist. It isn’t really his fault, but he pays with his life. #ufchat
11:23 pm amandabonilla: @Book_Faery Sirens would be great. Dryads too. #ufchat
11:23 pm MarcUpdates: A6. Hmm.. The Pythia could make a good protagonist #ufchat
11:23 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat is also from Greece. Some may or may not have noticed that Max’s real name, referenced late in the book, is Euphron–who is a real
11:23 pm UF_Chat: S: Altho many beings in Greek myth the problem of gods & goddesses bound to turn up. #UFchat
11:24 pm ladytechie: A6 Grae Sisters #UFChat
11:24 pm UF_Chat: Q6a: Immortal/all-powerful = no real limits or true risks = boring. How could you avoid this trap in writing story using a god/dess? #UFchat
11:24 pm amandabonilla: @UF_Chat I avoid the god/goddess angle for exactly that reason. The story dies when there’s no stakes #ufchat
11:24 pm AmaliaTd: (Snorri traces the lineage of the Norse “gods” back to Troy and King Priam, just as a sidenote of awesome.) #ufchat
11:24 pm johanncarlisle: @UF_Chat A6: Proteus, the shapechanging old man of the sea? Satyrs (not to be confused with fauns: sex-crazed, horse-maned savages)? #ufchat
11:25 pm UF_Chat: Dryads! Which reminds me I’ve seen a couple of writers working on Dryad books the last 2 yrs too! #UFchat @amandabonilla
11:25 pm QQwill: @UF_Chat Make them a demi-god/dess. #ufchat
11:25 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: A6a have them move in mysterious ways or be limited by an agreement #UFchat
11:25 pm MarcUpdates: @UF_Chat A6a- well, the cliche would be stick them on earth with amneisia #ufchat
11:25 pm Book_Faery: A6a: Trap their power in some way. Or do something similar to @kresleycole. Freya was in slumber bc she didn’t have enough (cont) #ufchat
11:25 pm DawnEmbers: #UFchat Q6 – think as long as there are consequences, and something they fear (even if they can’t die) it’s possible to have a god/dess
11:25 pm Book_Faery: a6a (cont): followers praying to her often… thus severely limiting her energy etc bc of that #ufchat
11:25 pm AmaliaTd: A6a: I don’t think immortal and god in Greek myth equals all powerful. These were gods with limits to what they do/their powers. #ufchat
11:26 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat A6a Zeus was a player, Hera = Jealous, Vulcan = ugly. the myths already have the traits there #UFChat
11:26 pm UF_Chat: Q6b: What about other cultural mythologies? What other specifically MYTH creatures/characs would make for interesting protags? #UFchat
11:26 pm Book_Faery: @amandabonilla Sirens could be so fun. Haven’t read any stories with dryads. Cyclops! lol #ufchat
11:27 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: A6b I’ve always had a soft spot for Ellegbu/Legba #UFchat
11:27 pm kristiluchi: I’m using Mermaids. With very specific traits and leinage. and addictive personalities. #ufchat
11:27 pm leapetra: Adams has the Norse gods hanging around London as the homeless! #UFChat
11:27 pm johanncarlisle: @Book_Faery ooh yes! How about Circe, or Circe and Telemachus’ mythical child? Talk about a dysfunctional family background to carry #ufchat
11:27 pm inkgypsy: @leapetra Would like story of Thor offspring – lightning, tempers, strength, blunders… but not straight gods. (personal pref) #UFchat
11:27 pm MarcUpdates: A6c. Oooh.. a minotaur πŸ˜€ #ufchat
11:27 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @leapetra But they’ve redeveloped St pancras now. #UFChat
11:28 pm shadowflame1974: @kristiluchi Chirs Howard uses mermaids too. #UFChat
11:28 pm inkgypsy: @johanncarlisle Circe is one of the ones I’m surprised hasn’t popped up much yet! #UFchat
11:28 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat I have been read up on the Finnish myths. There are some brutal and heart breaking stories there #UFChat
11:28 pm amandabonilla: I’d like to see more Norse mythology in UF #ufchat
11:28 pm UF_Chat: Q6c: What aspects of a creature are important to consider in turning them from character to an MC in UF? #UFchat
11:28 pm Book_Faery: @johanncarlisle Circe or Calypso… both would have interesting children, I think πŸ™‚ Or maybe Cerberus could make shifter puppies! #ufchat
11:28 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: China and India have their own very active UF scene (not that they call it that) #UFchat
11:29 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat person out of Greek history. They share the same sire, Athena-as in the goddess. *g* Had fun coming up with that twist on legend.
11:29 pm Book_Faery: A6c: angst and emotional baggage. The more, the better #ufchat
11:29 pm johanncarlisle: @inkgypsy yeah, funny how Calypso seems to be much more used nowadays, although she’s really backgrounded in Odyssey #ufchat
11:29 pm amandabonilla: RT @Book_Faery: A6c: angst and emotional baggage. The more, the better #ufchat
11:29 pm AmaliaTd: @amandabonilla Age of Odin by James Lovegrove and Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout are good Norse UF #Ufchat
11:29 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat *pokes at computer* Damn, this thing is slow today.
11:29 pm amandabonilla: @AmaliaTd Sounds awesome! Thanks! #ufchat
11:30 pm kristiluchi: *switches to lurk mode* I can’t keep up with #ufchat
11:30 pm QQwill: @amandabonilla Lovegrove also has the Age of Ra. Got it today. #ufchat
11:31 pm inkgypsy: @Ben_Aaronovitch I’m very interested in both of those – need to read more of UF ocming from there! #UFchat
11:31 pm inkgypsy: @Book_Faery Cerberus <3! #UFchat πŸ˜€
11:31 pm leapetra: It helps to have an interest in Folk Metal if you want to look at myths in a new light #UFChat
11:31 pm amandabonilla: @kristiluchi It moves quick! πŸ˜‰ #ufchat
11:31 pm kevmcveigh: Greek & Roman myths have been reused in Sff as long as I’ve been reading. See Wolfe, Waldrop, Robert Silverberg, Jones etc #ufchat #notnew
11:32 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch Can you recommend some books from China and India? @inkgypsy #UFchat
11:32 pm UF_Chat: @Jess_Haines Ah right! Now I remember – I got all mixed up with ‘expanded’ myth-ed history & the actual myths. *eyeroll* #UFchat
11:32 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat Anyway. I have a love of Greece, so it seemed like an excellent choice to draw on those myths and some actual historical
11:32 pm Book_Faery: @inkgypsy Yeah! πŸ˜€ You see glimpses of him in some books, but he’s usually a mindless side character #ufchat
11:32 pm kristiluchi: @amandabonilla it does! #ufchat
11:32 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @leapetra That just gave me a vision of Thor and Loki slumming it at Glastonbury #UFChat
11:33 pm MyNeedToRead: Not gonna lie, itd be pretty exciting to see some UF with some mythology from anywhere on the African continent. #UFchat Know some? tell me!
11:33 pm johanncarlisle: @kevmcveigh sure, but some characters/stories are more used than others. Challenge would be to find something fresh and make it noir #ufchat
11:33 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @QQwill I wish I could but it’s all in languages that I don’t read #UFchat
11:33 pm Book_Faery: @MyNeedToRead Oooh, yes, that would be interesting! #ufchat
11:33 pm amandabonilla: @MyNeedToRead Agreed! I’d love to see African mythology in the UF spotlight #ufchat
11:33 pm kristiluchi: Does anyone care to know what drives me nuts about current mermaid books out here? #ufchat
11:34 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat personalities to create the background to make my story. I’ve rewritten many Greek legends in my notes to suit the Other-verse.
11:34 pm inkgypsy: @Jess_Haines Which begs the question – do your vampires have any weaving/spider-like tendencies…? #UFchat
11:34 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch That’s what I was wondering if there were translations. My Sanskrit is rustly. #ufchat
11:34 pm leapetra: @Ben_Aaronovitch And they would not seem out of place! #UFChat
11:34 pm amandabonilla: @kristiluchi Mermaids are a toughie. I’ve seen a lot of them in YA, but not as much in adult #ufchat
11:34 pm AmaliaTd: @kristiluchi Is it the fact that they’re blending mermaids with sirens? #Petpeeve #ufchat
11:34 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @leapetra I bet they wouldn’t be covered in mud though #UFChat
11:34 pm johanncarlisle: @MyNeedToRead there must be Egyptian mythology in UF, no? (Can’t name any, but I bet others can.) #ufchat
11:35 pm leapetra: @MyNeedToRead That would be awesome. Maori too #UFChat
11:35 pm inkgypsy: @Jess_Haines I could just see her biting herself in ass by imbuing her vamps w Arachne characteristics coming back to haunt her.. #UFchat
11:35 pm kevmcveigh: @UF_Chat re Q6c the ONLY thing that makes a character suitable for UF is engagement with Urban environment. That is all. #ufchat
11:35 pm amandabonilla: @johanncarlisle I’ve definitely seen Egyptian mythology in UF. #ufchat
11:35 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat @inkgypsy Only in terms of the plots they weave. *g*
11:35 pm Book_Faery: Would also love to see more Egyptian myth in UF also. Or maybe having two myth worlds collide #ufchat
11:35 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: A? Stripped of their powers and working 9-5 would be fun #UFchat
11:36 pm inkgypsy: @kevmcveigh There must also be a supernatural/paranormal element either in character or for them to be influenced by. #UFchat
11:36 pm MyNeedToRead: @johanncarlisle Indeed, yer right. ^_^ I’ll amend to say, OTHER than Egyptian, which has indeed been used more than a few times. #UFchat
11:36 pm amandabonilla: @Ben_Aaronovitch I like to see powerful characters have to deal with normality #ufchat
11:36 pm UF_Chat: S: Sirens are also appearing more and more in UF as well. #UFchat
11:36 pm UF_Chat: Q7: What is it about sirens that people like? #UFchat
11:36 pm JeannieHolmes: @MyNeedToRead I believe L.A. Banks uses some African myths in her Vampire Huntress series. #ufchat
11:37 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @amandabonilla That was my thinking. Having to out think their opponents rather than just smiting them #ufchat
11:37 pm leapetra: I would love to have Baba Yaga show up in a city, but instead of her house on chicken legs, an RV #UFChat
11:37 pm UF_Chat: Q7a: Altho YA has a lot of mermaids adult UF has more sirens than mermaids. Why is that? #UFchat
11:37 pm johanncarlisle: @MyNeedToRead is all UF set in American/ European cities? UF in Nairobi or Lagos would have huge mythological potential wouldn’t it? #ufchat
11:37 pm amandabonilla: @Ben_Aaronovitch Not that smiting isn’t fun too! πŸ˜‰ #ufchat
11:37 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Sirens – any exemplar titles? #UFchat
11:38 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @amandabonilla You can work up to smiting – Daddies got his mojo back (zaaaap) #ufchat
11:38 pm inkgypsy: @Ben_Aaronovitch Charlie Madigan series, Cat Adams series and carp I forget the other big one. :/ #UFchat
11:38 pm amandabonilla: @Ben_Aaronovitch LOL! #ufchat
11:38 pm johanncarlisle: @leapetra an RV with chicken legs? Painted with flowers and feathers… #ufchat
11:38 pm AmaliaTd: A7 the blending of mermaids and sirens really annoys me, to be honest. and it’s everywhere. Sirens =/= mermaid. #ufchat
11:38 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @inkgypsy Thanks #UFchat
11:39 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch Is your Rivers mythology based on realy mythology or did you make that up? #ufchat
11:39 pm Book_Faery: A7a: The Little Mermaid! Haven’t read any YAs about mermaid, but perhaps they follow similar path? #ufchat
11:39 pm UF_Chat: Q8: Why do you think it?s specifically GREEK mythology that?s capturing imaginations right NOW (eg not Norse tho many love that too) #UFchat
11:39 pm kristiluchi: A7 It’s the seduction factor it comes from Ulysses meeting them in the ocean, and bird harpys with beautiful voices aren’t sexy. #ufchat
11:39 pm amandabonilla: @UF_Chat A8 Maybe the whole Percy Jackson thing? #ufchat
11:40 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @QQwill Sort of (sorry is complicated) #ufchat
11:40 pm Book_Faery: A8: I grew up reading lots abt Greek myth. Never heard anything about Norse myth etc until much older. Maybe same for others too? #ufchat
11:40 pm kristiluchi: #ufchat A8 I think that the greek gods names are mor familiar.
11:40 pm UF_Chat: S: On other hand, tho Valkyries AREN?T of Greek myth origin (they?re Norse) easy to see where people get confused. #UFchat
11:40 pm leapetra: @johanncarlisle not flowers for her, Skulls. Damn she would be a biker, I could see it! LOL #UFChat
11:40 pm UF_Chat: @Book_Faery That’s a REALLY good point! Didn’t think of that! #UFchat
11:40 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @kristiluchi Except for Hercules #ufchat
11:40 pm UF_Chat: RT @Book_Faery: A8: I grew up reading lots abt Greek myth. Never heard anything about Norse myth etc until much older. Maybe same for others too? #ufchat
11:41 pm UF_Chat: Q8a: What other different cultural myths might work well in a Greek myth/UF environment (and story!)? #UFchat
11:41 pm gadget_girl66: @Jess_Haines Since they’ve mentioned sirens & mermaids, why is it I can see Max keeping 1 or the other captive just because? #UFchat
11:42 pm MyNeedToRead: @johanncarlisle Definitely! There’s a whole crew of possibilities. Yoruba mythology alone…oh, the possibilities! ^_^ #UFchat
11:42 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat @gadget_girl66 Who says he doesn’t? *innocent look*
11:42 pm inkgypsy: @leapetra Baba Yaga <3!! She and her chicken legged hut are possibly my favorites of all time. Such a complex character! #UFchat
11:42 pm inkgypsy: S: Note: Appears Greek myth charac/MCs more directly fr Myth than characs used fr Celtic tho those creatures almost staples of UF. #UFchat
11:42 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat Greeks weren’t big on battle maidens #UFChat
11:43 pm UF_Chat: S: Note: Appears Greek myth charac/MCs more directly fr Myth than characs used fr Celtic tho those creatures almost staples of UF. #UFchat
11:43 pm UF_Chat: S cont: eg Cernunnos? story and character rarely explored, esp not from an MCs POV. #UFchat
11:43 pm CanYouRecommend: #canyourecommend RT @QQwill @Ben_Aaronovitch Can you recommend some books from China and India? @inkgypsy #UFchat
11:43 pm UF_Chat: Q8a: Why do you think Greek myth based UF is more directly Greek myth related than previous (eg) Celtic based UF? #UFchat
11:44 pm gadget_girl66: @Jess_Haines Do you ever incorporate fans ideas into your writing? #UFchat
11:44 pm amandabonilla: Serious lag today. Urgh! #ufchat
11:44 pm MarcUpdates: I’d really like to see more stuff dealing with asian myths and legends, Barry Hughart did a great fantasy series on chi mythos #ufchat
11:44 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat @gadget_girl66 If you count my beta readers, yes.
11:44 pm Jess_Haines: @amandabonilla Tell me about it! #UFchat
11:44 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Celtic is much less well defined and documented than Greek #UFchat
11:44 pm leapetra: I could see Thor (Norse) and Perun (Slavic) getting into a fight. Because they are so similar. #UFChat
11:44 pm UF_Chat: Q8b: How is it CURRENT Greek myth-based UF appears both more faithful yet less like retellings than UF using (eg) Celtic mythology? #UFchat
11:45 pm amandabonilla: @Jess_Haines *rolls eyes* Seriously! πŸ˜‰ #ufchat
11:45 pm shadowflame1974: @UF_Chat Greek is much more familiar than Norse. We have planets and such named after Greek/Roman Gods #UFChat
11:45 pm MarcUpdates: @Ben_Aaronovitch Slaine in 2000AD did a great job on celtic myths #ufchat
11:45 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @shadowflame1974 We have ‘days’ named after the norse gods #UFChat
11:45 pm Book_Faery: @Jess_Haines *cough*orgy with Royce, Chaz, Shia*cough* #ufchat
11:45 pm johanncarlisle: A8a maybe Greek myth has more direct path into our canon, via renaissance art and poetry, than Celtic (which has recent resurgence?) #ufchat
11:46 pm Jess_Haines: #UFchat D: HEY! Don’t be givin’ away my big reveals! LOL @Book_Faery
11:46 pm UF_Chat: Let me qualify re last Q – when people attempt to retell eg Caltic legend they tend to stick pretty close – doesn’t really get UF-ed #UFchat
11:46 pm QQwill: @amandabonilla I thought tweetdeck died! #ufchat
11:46 pm Book_Faery: LOL. Don’t worry, I left the whipped cream out! RT @Jess_Haines: #UFchat D: HEY! Don’t be givin’ away my big reveals! LOL @Book_Faery
11:46 pm AmaliaTd: @shadowflame1974 Yes, but our days of the week are named for Norse gods. I don’t think Greek is the only resurgent myth right now. #ufchat
11:46 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat Celtic myth is used so much in high fantasy, that some might consider it over done already #UFChat
11:46 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch Thursday is named after Thor. #ufchat
11:47 pm shadowflame1974: @Ben_Aaronovitch but are your kids really aware of that? Mine aren’t and truthfully, I did forget. (Bad Shadow) #UFChat
11:47 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @QQwill Wednesday, Friday #ufchat
11:47 pm Book_Faery: @UF_Chat Perhaps they stick so close to Celtic myth bc it’s not “as popular”, whereas Greek myth is well known amongst readers #ufchat
11:47 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch Wednesday is named for Woden? Yes? #ufchat
11:47 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @shadowflame1974 My son did it in pprimary school #UFChat
11:47 pm leapetra: @shadowflame1974 THORSDAY FRIGDAY WODENDAY I beg to differ #UFChat
11:47 pm amandabonilla: Real life calls. Thanks for the chat, everyone! See you next week! #ufchat
11:47 pm UF_Chat: @johanncarlisle That might be good point – people popularising Celtic legends – seem more ‘intact’ maybe? Hm. #UFchat
11:48 pm UF_Chat: Q9: Why would Greek myth based UF differ from the angels/demons trends of 2010 (in particular)? Are they at all related? #UFchat
11:48 pm kristiluchi: I have got to go cook! I’ll prob miss all the good stuff. #ufchat
11:48 pm MarcUpdates: @leapetra And then you have Saturn-day from the roman πŸ˜‰ #ufchat
11:48 pm QQwill: @leapetra Thanks. I forgot Friday! #ufchat
11:48 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Angels/demons have that redemption thread – Greeks don’t do redemption #UFchat
11:48 pm kevmcveigh: @inkgypsy I was assuming that as a given for myth. But without the Urban engagement its just fantasy NOT urban fantasy. #ufchat
11:49 pm shadowflame1974: as I said Bad Bad Shadow 😦 #UFChat
11:49 pm UF_Chat: Q10: What mythological objects might be interesting to build a UF series around? #UFchat
11:49 pm johanncarlisle: @QQwill @Ben_Aaronovitch Thursday = Thor yes, but more complex than that: Jeudi = Jove (both gods of thunder); most days’re parallel #ufchat
11:49 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @johanncarlisle It’s always more complicated than that. #ufchat
11:49 pm AmaliaTd: Tuesday is named for Tyr, also a Norse god. #UFchat
11:50 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Excalibur gonna be in book 6 sort of #UFchat
11:50 pm MarcUpdates: A10 – Loki’s staff, that could be very interesting #ufchat
11:50 pm UF_Chat: @kevmcveigh Is 1 of reasons trying to have people understand retellings vs using as a base – story can’t just be ‘updated’ to = UF. #UFchat
11:50 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat The sampo. An amazing object. Probably a mill that would grind anything. Salt, gold, etc. #UFChat
11:51 pm QQwill: @Ben_Aaronovitch Book 6 of Rivers of London series? #ufchat
11:51 pm UF_Chat: Q10a: What different ways might you use eg Pandora?s box (or similar) in different ways as a series base? #UFchat
11:51 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @QQwill Yep #ufchat
11:51 pm AmaliaTd: A10: Not Greek, but…Thor’s Goat Chariot #ufchat
11:52 pm MarcUpdates: @AmaliaTd Ooh how about Odin’s 88-legged horse? #ufchat
11:52 pm shadowflame1974: experiencing some major Twitter Lag… 😦 #UFChat
11:52 pm MarcUpdates: @AmaliaTd Only 8, not 88, lol #ufchat
11:52 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @MarcUpdates Wouldn’t want to be the illustrator #ufchat
11:52 pm UF_Chat: Q11: What might be interesting about the character of Medusa – or her abilities which may be passed on to future generations? #UFchat
11:52 pm UF_Chat: Q11a: Which is scarier: Medusa as contemporary assassin or Medusa as high powered executive? #UFchat
11:53 pm MarcUpdates: @Ben_Aaronovitch I imagine it would end up looking like Rincewind’s luggage #ufchat
11:53 pm cindymariej: @UF_Chat executives don’t need Medusa to be scary #UFChat
11:53 pm UF_Chat: Q11b: How else might Medusa?s abilities/curse prove interesting/useful to explore in UF? #UFchat
11:53 pm MyNeedToRead: A10: The Book of Thoth, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s already been well-covered. ^_^ #UFchat
11:53 pm AmaliaTd: @MarcUpdates Sleipnir, for sure! Especially with his heritage as a son of Loki-the-mare. #UFchat #Hashtagfail
11:54 pm Book_Faery: A11a: assassin… she could be like the boogie man. Don’t think she’d get far with snakes for hair as an executive lol #ufchat
11:54 pm UF_Chat: @cindymariej Oh I completely agree! (Which is why I put her in with the bunch. πŸ˜‰ #UFChat
11:54 pm shadowflame1974: Q11 I think her as a High Powered exe would be terrifying! #UFChat
11:54 pm AmaliaTd: Medusa vs. Athena would be awesome. #ufchat Using all the forces of earth to get back at Athena for the curse would be GOLD.
11:54 pm UF_Chat: Q12: How might you write contemp UF using Greek mythology in modern GREECE? #UFchat
11:55 pm UF_Chat: @AmaliaTd Don’t you think?? *looks around for where the writer is who is writing this awesome book* #UFchat
11:56 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat A12 Being Greek would be a good start #UFchat
11:56 pm UF_Chat: Q12a: What challenges might an author have in writing Greek-mythbased UF set in modern Greece? What would be fun to see? #UFchat
11:56 pm shadowflame1974: @Book_Faery snakes could be disguised as a particular hairstyle. πŸ™‚ #UFChat
11:56 pm AmaliaTd: @UF_Chat I’ll put it on my idea list πŸ˜› #ufchat
11:56 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat A12a Zuess dealing with mountain climbers #UFchat
11:56 pm MyNeedToRead: Q12: There’d definitely have to be some bigwig shipping magnates involved, at the very least. ^_^ #UFchat
11:56 pm Book_Faery: @shadowflame1974 True. What happens if she gets pissed though? Would the snakes break free? #ufchat
11:56 pm UF_Chat: S: There is a UF anthology using Cerberus as springboard for shorts. (Must Love Hellhounds http://bit.ly/gtA28u ) #UFchat
11:57 pm UF_Chat: Q13: What could you do with/how could you use a hellhound in a contemporary city? #UFchat
11:57 pm johanncarlisle: A12 Yess! Greek mythology is updated in modern Greek folklore already: kallikantzaroi, shapeshifters, child-stealers; would be cool! #ufchat
11:58 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Dog walking service #UFchat
11:58 pm UF_Chat: Q13a: What other creatures from Greek myth would make good central characs/sidekicks? #UFchat
11:58 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Fauns, nymphs, neriads and muses #UFchat
11:58 pm UF_Chat: As in creatures like hellhounds (thinking beyond the heroes and gods here) #UFchat
11:59 pm QQwill: @UF_Chat Amber Benson uses a hellhound in the first of her Calliope Reaper-Jones novels. #ufchat
11:59 pm johanncarlisle: A12 and remember that for most of the last 2000 years the Greek world has included South Italy, Alexandria, Istanbul, Marseilles etc #ufchat
11:59 pm Book_Faery: @UF_Chat I had a hellhound as a love interest in a short story I wrote. He’s kind of like the badass of the underworld lol #ufchat
11:59 pm inkgypsy: @johanncarlisle I think that might be one of reasons people start getting confused – what is ‘Greek’ #UFchat
February 20, 2011
UF_Chat: Q14: What is the equivalent of a vampire in Greek mythology? Is there one? #UFchat
Ben_Aaronovitch: I’m being followed by Glastonbury 2011 now #UFchat
UF_Chat: Q14a: What about werewolves? Do they have a Greek myth cousin? #UFchat
12:01 am leapetra: @UF_Chat I have a Question. Do you think a lot of other myths have not been touched because they are too bloody? #UFChat
12:01 am shadowflame1974: @Book_Faery not sure, but probably part of the story lol #UFChat
12:01 am UF_Chat: FINAL Q15: If you could have any author write a Greek myth-based novel or new series who would that be? And why? #UFchat
12:01 am MarcUpdates: @UF_Chat Q14 Yes, there were, Lamias or lhamias, I believe #ufchat
12:01 am AmaliaTd: … q14 Incubus? #ufchat #hashtagfail
12:02 am UF_Chat: @leapetra This is one thing I find odd – UF has strong roots ins horror so why the aversion to bloody? (cont) #UFchat
12:02 am shadowflame1974: @UF_Chat Q13 bodyguard πŸ˜€ #UFChat
12:02 am MyNeedToRead: A14: Absolutely! The word even starts with a v but it doesn’t roll off the lips as easily. ^_^ #UFchat
12:02 am AmaliaTd: Q15: I’m determined to write my own πŸ˜€ but who knows how that’s going to end up πŸ˜› #ufchat
12:02 am johanncarlisle: @UF_Chat Q14 Vampire: not really; there’s Lamia, who eats children, but no Byronic vampires (ironically) #ufchat
12:02 am JeannieHolmes: @UF_Chat Ancient Greeks believed people w/red hair would become vampires after death, if I’m remembering my myths correctly. #ufchat
12:02 am Ben_Aaronovitch: @johanncarlisle I thought Lamia was Roman? #ufchat
12:03 am JLCoburn: @UF_Chat A14 Empusa Lamia, Striges are all precursers to vampires as we know. Hecate too. #UFChat
12:03 am inkgypsy: @leapetra (cont) Maybe because horror done by many people and demi-people? Not monsters or evil people/abberations? Curious too. #UFchat
12:03 am kevmcveigh: @UF_Chat best use of Greek myth in proper UF is Stephen Sherrill’s excellent The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break #ufchat
12:03 am johanncarlisle: Q14a but werewolves, yes; there are shapeshifting pelts around, and Herodotus mentions a Scythian tribe who transformed into wolves. #ufchat
12:04 am leapetra: @UF_Chat There are a lot dismemberments and rebirth stories with some European traditions. Yet no modern takes #UFChat
12:04 am inkgypsy: @MarcUpdates I’m thinking snake… (another sake thing!) s that right? And wasn’t she big on munching up kids? #UFchat
12:05 am MarcUpdates: @inkgypsy Yup, that’s right, she’s real big on kidsize snacks #ufchat
12:05 am shadowflame1974: @UF_Chat Q14 Greeks and Romans had Empusae, the Lamia, and the striges. #UFChat
12:05 am inkgypsy: @MarcUpdates Checked wikipedia – you were right – similar to succubi apparently – though I was right too.. bizarre. #UFchat
12:06 am MarcUpdates: @inkgypsy lol, I’d already been and checked myself #ufchat
12:06 am UF_Chat: @Ben_Aaronovitch I think most Roman myths are Greek-offshoots excepting Romulus & Remus but I couldbe wrong… #UFchat
12:06 am leapetra: like this one LEMMINKAINEN – http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/finnish-mythology.php?deity=LEMMINKAINEN #UFChat
12:07 am inkgypsy: RT @UF_Chat: FINAL Q15: If you could have any author write a Greek myth-based novel or new series who would that be? And why? #UFchat
12:07 am Ben_Aaronovitch: @leapetra What a wonderful site #UFChat
12:08 am UF_Chat: Guess we opened up some worm cans/Pandora boxes today! That?s a wrap for #UFchat! Resources on Greek mythology/pantheons in UF next.
12:08 am UF_Chat: Primer for #UFchat early birds: Mythology & UF -challenges of using established mythology (by Urban Psychopomp) http://bit.ly/fc3YFv #UFchat
12:08 am UF_Chat: The Femme Fatale Roots in Mythology http://bit.ly/gM7HrB #UFchat
12:08 am QQwill: @leapetra Cool site! #UFChat
12:08 am UF_Chat: @leapetra Godchecker is a great site – no? #UFchat
12:08 am Ben_Aaronovitch: Horway I managed to stay up to the end #UFchat
12:09 am UF_Chat: Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology Index http://bit.ly/hDi7US #UFchat
12:09 am UF_Chat: Greek mythology creature list (very basic – at a glance) http://bit.ly/h9HS5h #UFchat
12:09 am tordotUF: Medusa is getting a lot of play lately #ufchat
12:09 am UF_Chat: Greek gods, goddesses, legendary figures & monsters http://bit.ly/icPA3d #UFChat
12:09 am Localstuffbath: RT @Ben_Aaronovitch2011I‘m being followed by Glastonbury 2011 now #UFchat
12:10 am johanncarlisle: @UF_Chat @Ben_Aaronovitch most Roman myths we know about anyway. ????? appears in Aristophanes, so was obviously known to the Greeks #ufchat
12:10 am kevmcveigh: @UF_Chat @inkgypsy and beyond the existence of a Minotaur there’s no supernatural/paranoromance element. Non necessary #ufchat
12:10 am UF_Chat: @tordotUF Yes indeedy she is! Looking forward to reading the results. Want to see Circe-in-the-City. Heh. #UFchat
12:11 am UF_Chat: Amalia Dillin?s blog (@amaliatd) on all things Norse & Classic incl Thor + zombies! http://bit.ly/cbRN5T #UFchat
12:11 am UF_Chat: Kasey Mackenzie (author of ?Red Hot Fury? etc) interviewed at Odd Shots http://bit.ly/fxUkoB #UFchat
12:11 am UF_Chat: Kasey Mackenzie website w insider look at her use of mythology http://bit.ly/9uEX9Z #UFchat
12:11 am UF_Chat: Seaborn by Chris Howard @the0phrastus (review) Greek mythology & Mermaid adult UF! http://bit.ly/hEbHtY #UFchat
12:12 am inkgypsy: P.C. Cast – Goddess Summoning books – retelling ancient myths with a modern twist http://bit.ly/g14j8F #UFchat
12:12 am UF_Chat: Must Love Hellhounds – review by Abigail @ All Things Urban Fantasy http://bit.ly/gtA28u #UFchat
12:12 am UF_Chat: Webmage by Kelly McCullough (review) combines computers & mythology http://bit.ly/eYJQZu #UFchat
12:13 am UF_Chat: Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon character/myth breakdown http://bit.ly/hXCWj3 #UFchat
12:13 am UF_Chat: The Big Idea: Carrie Vaughn on Discord?s Apple http://bit.ly/gDt9NL #UFchat
12:13 am UF_Chat: Gods and Monsters #1: Darkness Becomes Her (review) http://bit.ly/eDJYCZ #UFchat
12:13 am UF_Chat: Lords of the Underworld series overview http://bit.ly/hXzGGR #UFchat
12:13 am UF_Chat: Got a topic you want to chat about? Let me know! (@inkgypsy) I?ll add it to the list & maybe even bump up the chat-date for it. #UFchat
12:14 am UF_Chat: #UFchat transcript available on the #UFchat blog as soon as I catch up! Allowing for late comments. Just use the hashtag.
12:14 am tordotUF: @JeannieHolmes @UF_Chat The Sabina Kane series plays off that idea #ufchat
12:14 am johanncarlisle: @shadowflame1974 I’d forgotten about the Empousae (probably because they have Punic roots) but also mentioned in Aristophanes so yes #ufchat
12:14 am QQwill: @UF_Chat Thank you for another great chat! #ufchat
12:14 am UF_Chat: Note: Am having HUGE trouble retrieving transcripts this last month!! Apologies – still trying. #UFChat
12:14 am UF_Chat: @QQwill You’re welcome. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
12:15 am UF_Chat: See you at next week?s #UFchat! @UF_Chat lights out. πŸ™‚
12:16 am kevmcveigh: @MarcUpdates @UF_chat most sff takes its Lamia second hand from Keats firstly rather than from Greek sources. #ufchat
12:16 am inkgypsy: @kevmcveigh Funny thing about a minotaur – from what I understand it can’t survive OUTSIDE a city…potential there for good writer. #UFchat
12:17 am inkgypsy: @kevmcveigh Yes – I think that’s where the snake reference came from – correct? #UFchat
12:17 am UF_Chat: RT @kevmcveigh: @UF_Chat best use of Greek myth in proper UF is Stephen Sherrill’s excellent The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break #ufchat
12:19 am shadowflame1974: @UF_Chat WTHashtag is still down. 😦 #UFChat #UFChat
12:22 am kevmcveigh: @inkgypsy #ufchat well, there was only 1 Minotaur in myth, but Rjurik Davidson’s Passing Of The Minotaurs has lots visit a city, sad story
12:23 am UF_Chat: @QQwill Only just saw Q about Webmage – yes – Greek myth + computers – link is in resource section. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
12:23 am UF_Chat: @MyNeedToRead You’re welcome! #UFchat

The transcript runs out here so I am pasting from active post-UFchat participants Tweet Streams:

1st @AnassaRh (please note – these are in reverse – just like reading Twitter)

  1. @kevmcveigh Thanks for all the book recommendations! Will certainly be looking into them. πŸ™‚ Sun Feb 20 02:51:45 2011 via TweetDeck
  2. @UF_Chat @leapetra Maybe make dismemberment, rebirth, and bloody stories a #ufchat topic? Sun Feb 20 02:50:17 2011 via web in reply to UF_Chat
  3. Centaurs trained Heracles, didn’t they? Or was it Jason? Can’t remember. Anyway, could be a mentor figure again. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:45:01 2011 via web
  4. A13a: Am picturing heroine with wise-cracking water god living in her apartment, due to subterranean river. (Or the plumbing.) #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:43:39 2011 via web
  5. A13: You could use it like Rowling did and have it guard a treasure. Could be part of an assassination service, too. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:40:03 2011 via web
  6. A12: Stories centered around objects would be easy. If they’re disturbed or acting up or missing… Or perhaps a temple is profaned? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:38:09 2011 via web
  7. A10a: Pandora’s box could turn Earth into a darker, dystopic version. Could have to put things back into it. Could try to find Hope. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:34:30 2011 via web
  8. A10: Can’t think of specific objects, but trying to track down relics/relics dealer would make great series. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:33:39 2011 via web
  9. @kevmcveigh Yes, exactly! I’m much more a fan of the alien brutality versions. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:29:46 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to kevmcveigh
  10. kevmcveigh @AnassaRh yes, and contemporary Celtic fantasy either follows this into twee or restores the quasi alien amoral brutality of Faerie #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:27:20 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh Retweeted by AnassaRh
  11. Then again, we only know the Greek myths through secondary and tertiary sources. Who knows what the originals were? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:24:02 2011 via web
  12. I know the Victorians took the fae, shrank them, and dressed them up in flower petals. Greeks seem to be rawer, more original. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:23:21 2011 via web
  13. Not totally up on history of Celtic + Greek myths but haven’t the Celtic ones been sanitized and messed with longer? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:22:07 2011 via web
  14. There’s overlap between Greek, Babylonian, and Judeo-Christian stories. Floods, men made of clay… Could be set up for shared world? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:20:21 2011 via web
  15. A8a: I think just about any mythology could work with Greeks, if done right. Mesopotamian would be cool. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:19:05 2011 via web
  16. A7a: Mermaids are more ‘girly’? *shrugs* #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:11:03 2011 via web
  17. Hee! Great image! RT @leapetra: I would love to have Baba Yaga show up in a city, but instead of her house on chicken legs, an RV #UFChat Sun Feb 20 02:10:34 2011 via TweetDeck
  18. I haven’t read any siren books except for Kelly Gay’s, but my guess is that seductiveness plays a big part. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:09:51 2011 via web
  19. MyNeedToRead Not gonna lie, itd be pretty exciting to see some UF with some mythology from anywhere on the African continent. #UFchat Know some? tell me! Sat Feb 19 15:33:23 2011 via web Retweeted by AnassaRh
  20. Ooh, what about Hermes? Can someone use Hermes, please? I love tricksters. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:00:04 2011 via web
  21. Also, Hera, Artemis, and others were fond of screwing people over. Could make a god mortal/cursed? Could be looming threat? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:59:16 2011 via web
  22. A6a: Interesting take would be that 1) gods’ powers got exaggerated 2) gods had little real power, was all smoke and mirrors. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:56:39 2011 via web
  23. Perhaps they’re sent back to Earth because the gods think it needs cleaning up? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:53:39 2011 via web
  24. And I’ll go back to something I said a few tweets back: Would love to see the heroes. Theseus, Jason, Heracles, Odysseus…. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:53:05 2011 via web
  25. A6: Hmm. Death seems popular these days. Why not Hades? Persephone? Also, if heading towards sexy, a satyr? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:52:02 2011 via web
  26. Oh! Kelly Gay’s books use Greek myths too. Male siren sidekick, nymphs, whole attached world that sounds v. Greek. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:51:08 2011 via web
  27. @AmaliaTd Yes! You mentioned Gods Behaving Badly! I loved the take on the gods in that. Twas a perfect update of them. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:47:18 2011 via web in reply to AmaliaTd
  28. I think a Fury has a lot of potential. A natural avenger. Great choice when doing a mystery. But…how to slow her down for 300 pages? #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:46:27 2011 via web
  29. Re: Greek thoughts on myths: No clue, but myths are further in past for Greeks than Natives, no? Perhaps it’s a distance thing. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:44:40 2011 via web
  30. A4: Challenges? Creating magic system and handicapping the gods. Choosing which versions of myths to use. #ufchat 1:43 AM Feb 20th via web
  31. @kevmcveigh Sounds interesting! I’ll check that out. #ufchat 1:40 AM Feb 20th via TweetDeck in reply to kevmcveigh
  32. @kevmcveigh But I think if there’s magic, even if slight, my statement could still fit. #ufchat 1:40 AM Feb 20th via TweetDeck in reply to kevmcveigh
  33. @kevmcveigh Sorry. I have a mystery-monster UF background. Trying to catch up on older works, + those in “mythic fantasy” vein. #ufchat 1:39 AM Feb 20th via TweetDeck in reply to kevmcveigh
  34. Yes! Heracles (etc) in our world? Someone with same ideals? RT@Ben_Aaronovich:A3 A contrast in how standards of heroism have changed #UFchat 1:36 AM Feb 20th via TweetDeck
  35. A3: Gods as villains. Gods as sidekicks. Gods as modern religion. Gods as parents. (Demi)gods as MCs. Demigods as non-human people. #ufchat 1:32 AM Feb 20th via web
  36. When you get down to it, isn’t all UF based in myth or legend? Even the ones with only magic, no monsters. #ufchat 1:28 AM Feb 20th via web
  37. Ben_Aaronovitch RT @Ben_Aaronovitch: A2 Mythologies tend to represent a body of very primal stories that have stood the test of time. #ufchat 3:08 PM Feb 19th via TweetDeck Retweeted by AnassaRh
  38. A2: Myths are a ready-made world, semi-familiar, with lots of shenanigans and characters to choose. #ufchat 1:26 AM Feb 20th via web
  39. A1: Someone in pre-chat mentioned the Webmage series. Think I’ve heard of one with a half-Fury? Also Gods Behaving Badly – one-off. #ufchat 1:19 AM Feb 20th via web

And from @kevmcveigh (who traded a few comments with Anassa as shown in her comments above):

  1. @leapetra coyote isn’t uncommon. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 12:44:56 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to leapetra
  2. @cftodd the point was that the latter with the nondescript city backdrop isn’t UF at all. Sun Feb 20 10:05:00 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to cftodd
  3. @AnassaRh the selkie in Elizabeth Bear’s Blood & Iron is definitely amoral and gives the books a dark layer Sun Feb 20 02:41:00 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  4. @AnassaRh James P Blaylock did that in Last Coin #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:38:09 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  5. @AnassaRh yes, and contemporary Celtic fantasy either follows this into twee or restores the quasi alien amoral brutality of Faerie #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:27:20 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  6. @AnassaRh @myneedtoread also have you read @nalohopkinson ? Uses African & Caribbean legends brilliantly.#ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:13:35 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  7. @AnassaRh @myneedtoread The House Of Discarded Dreams by @esedia is a great novel using myths/folktales from Zimbabwe area. #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:10:53 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  8. @AnassaRh re Odysseus, Margaret Atwood considered his wife in The Penelopiad #ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:03:24 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  9. @AnassaRh Howard Waldrop obliquely retells the 12 Labours in 1920s rural (so not UF) Mississippi in A Dozen Tough Jobs its great.#ufchat Sun Feb 20 02:02:05 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  10. @AnassaRh @MartinMillar1 created a modern urban pantheon in his Brixton books inc god of electric guitar thieves etc.#ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:39:49 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh
  11. @AnassaRh interesting assertion, not sure of the mythic base of eg Wizard Of The Pigeons or Shirley’s City Come A Walkin’ #ufchat Sun Feb 20 01:35:06 2011 via TweetDeck in reply to AnassaRh




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