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* Transcript for October 23rd, 2010: Minorities & Other Missing Persons of UF (incl. plain vanilla humans) Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of our can of worms discussion on the lack of diversity in UF – especially with regard to minorities and other rarely represented persons… some of which are obvious, others it seems obvious once it’s pointed out. We dealt mainly with #racefail last week though we do return to it this week to (how can we not?) but this week we discuss less obviously unrepresented minorities as well as other groups of people missing in general and particularly with regard to main characters. Oh yes – and we get into the ‘plain vanilla human’ issues this week too. πŸ™‚

Minorities and Other Missing Persons of UF (including plain vanilla humans!)

@Ben_Aaronovitch asked an important question early on as people were arriving. It’s worth thinking about as you read through the transcript and as you tackle the diversity question in your own WIPs: What do writers need in order to diversify MCs in UF?

Official UFchat questions in YELLOW for easier reading.

Resources/ topic-related links are in BLUE.

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Primer for #UFchat early birds is the same as last week: Analyzing Urban Fantasy by racialicious.com (diversity discussed 4th para on) http://bit.ly/dnUKYq

As per the week before, I added a couple of important notes at the start of the chat which I’m reposting here at the head:

IMPORTANT #UFchat note: With the subject of minorities, people are bound to feel odd discussing some aspects. Pls note Q’s are in generalities & there will be book & character exceptions to every statement. Please DO share them so all can be aware of them!

Jinxie_G: RT @UF_Chat: #UFchat in 15 mins! Sharpening can opener, letting worms wriggle free again… Minorities & Other Missing Persons of UF Pt 2 – 3pmPST/6pmEST
9:48 pm JSterlingS: Wait, is this true? #UfChat is tackling #racefail? I’m there!
9:50 pm inkgypsy: Swapping to my #UFchat moderator identity, boots and all. Ouch! Yep can opener nicely sharp. More than the keyboard may get bloody tho.. πŸ˜‰
9:51 pm inkgypsy: Yes – yes we are. In 9 mins! (Did I mention cans of worms?) RT @JSterlingS: Wait, is this true? #UfChat is tackling #racefail? I’m there!
9:52 pm J_GriffinB: #UFchat be on a few minutes late, but I’ll be on…
9:58 pm UF_Chat: Primer for #UFchat early birds (same last wk): Analyzing Urban Fantasy racialicious.com (diversity 4th para on) http://bit.ly/dnUKYq #UFchat
9:59 pm UF_Chat: Shaking up the can of worms for the 2nd week on #UFchat today. Minorities & Other Missing Persons in UF! #UFchat
9:59 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat release the Worms! #UFchat #UFchat
10:00 pm UF_Chat: 3, 2.. & now live with #UFchat! Welcome back for Pt 2 of our controversial comeback discussion on lack of race & other minorities! #UFchat
10:00 pm UF_Chat: TODAY: Pt II – Minorities & Other Missing Persons in UF ? esp. in MCs -(including plain old vanilla humans!) #UFchat
10:00 pm UF_Chat: IMPORTANT #UFchat note repeat: With subject of minorities, people are bound to feel odd discussing some aspects. Pls note: #UFchat
10:01 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat We need more race in UF! #UFchat
10:01 pm UF_Chat: #UFchat note cont: Q’s are in generalities. There will be book /character exceptions to evry statement-DO share so all can be aware! #UFchat
10:01 pm StephanieLMcGee: I’ll be in and out today. Mostly reading, not so much commenting from me. #UFChat
10:01 pm UF_Chat: Reminder: ?S? stands for statement which will be followed by a ?Q? (a related #UFchat question for discussion). #UFchat
10:01 pm UF_Chat: Q numbers will continue from last week. ? Ton of sub-questions this week. If you?d like a full chat on one of aspects let me know! #UFchat
10:02 pm UF_Chat: For those missed it, last week?s primer for #UFchat early birds discusses some of the (lack of) diversity in UF http://bit.ly/dnUKYq #UFchat
10:02 pm UF_Chat: S: Last week dealt mainly w race & ended on lack of geek/?brainpower? heroes in UF, incl. Giles-types as MC & MacGyver types. #UFchat
10:02 pm UF_Chat: Q9a&b rpt: Any thoughts on why the lack of such MCs in UF? (note: Both have xlnt female following) #UFchat
10:03 pm inkgypsy: @Ben_Aaronovitch Yes! Especially with regard to MCs. #UFchat
10:03 pm UF_Chat: For those interested in race issues & missed last week, don’t worry – we’re coming back to them in a bit. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
10:04 pm UF_Chat: Q10: What about MCs who are parents (babies thru teens)? Where are they? Why aren?t they more prolific (esp re risky lifestyles)? #UFchat
10:05 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Perhaps refocus: what do writers need in order to diversify MCs in UF #UFchat
10:06 pm UF_Chat: Have we got many people around today? I’m not seeing many regulars… (I know, pre-Halloween activities etc.. πŸ˜‰ #UFchat
10:06 pm UF_Chat: @Ben_Aaronovitch We covered last week how many writers don’t feel comfortable writing outside own race. Other suggestions? #UFchat
10:07 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @Ben_Aaronovitch I’m so lonely… #UFchat
10:07 pm UF_Chat: @Ben_Aaronovitch Aw – how weird! Wonder where everyone is? Had lots of RTs… #UFchat
10:08 pm JSterlingS: @Ben_Aaronovitch Writers need to realize there are more crayons than just the white male one in the box of creativity. #ufchat
10:08 pm UF_Chat: @Ben_Aaronovitch Did you see the transcript from last week at all? #UFchat
10:08 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat with risky lifestyles, you don’t want family/friends in the way if things go wrong. too much of a risk.
10:09 pm UF_Chat: @JSterlingS With regard to MCs in particular – diversity gets a good representation in supporting casts. #UFchat
10:09 pm JSterlingS: @UF_Chat If a writer is only writing what the feel comfortable with, then they have already lost the point of writing. #ufchat
10:10 pm UF_Chat: @shadowflame1974 Agreed & sure many ‘take care of it’ but there must be some that fall through the ‘cracks’ & end up with children. #UFchat
10:10 pm StephanieLMcGee: It’s something I struggle with. My last book, the MC struggles with overcoming his parents’ racism. Not sure I did it so well, tho #UFChat
10:10 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat I was there live, I was thinking more of solutions rather than problems #UFchat
10:10 pm UF_Chat: @JSterlingS Yes – agreed – which is why this is so ironic in UF – genre that pushed boundaries & challenged acceptable norm to start #UFchat
10:11 pm UF_Chat: S: Several parent MCs of pre-teens have surfaced as well as ?removed? parents (eg ?just found out I have a 5 yr old). #UFchat
10:11 pm UF_Chat: Q10a: What about parents of toddlers or infants? Ever heard of a UF MC as such? Why aren?t they more common? #UFchat
10:11 pm UF_Chat: Q10b: Is there way to have MC offspring as anything other than monster bait or is it inevitable? #UFchat
10:11 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat hi taking a peek in but busy home life w kids, so may not be able to linger! Happy 2 b here for what I can, though! πŸ™‚ #ufchat
10:12 pm UF_Chat: @Ben_Aaronovitch Appreciate it very much! You’d think with internet/social networking people would have more access to racial help. #UFchat
10:13 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat I’m sure you’d find that most characters would leave the kid somewhere. 😦
10:13 pm UF_Chat: @JulieeJohnsonn hi! Great to see you. Small number today it seems. Or the parent questions are stumping people. πŸ˜€ #UFchat
10:13 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat re: parenting. I love that idea! I think it would bring more complexity to MC. It would also make MC less of a loner? #ufchat
10:13 pm JSterlingS: @UF_Chat #ufchat I find it perfectly acceptable to have MC offspring to be a motivation for action instead of reaction.
10:13 pm UF_Chat: S: Only 1 main character (I?m aware of) in UF that is/was pregnant: Elena- werewolf in K. Armstrong?s ?Broken?. (Thx @jsmithready!) #UFchat
10:14 pm UF_Chat: @shadowflame1974 Again it’s one of those things you’d think would be a huge challenge to a writer to figure out how to make it work. #UFchat
10:14 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat People should start with first hand accounts (of which there are plenty) books are still a good resource #UFchat
10:14 pm UF_Chat: Q10c: Why is the challenge of writing a pregnant MC not taken on more often in the ?edgy? UF? #UFchat
10:14 pm JSterlingS: There was one great story where an MC parent just wanted to take their kid to the zoo and what happened on the way… #ufchat
10:15 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat I think there is. With a pack mentality in weres children are very important. Covens have to have someone to pass knowledge to.
10:15 pm UF_Chat: Q10d: What about the child/children of a UF MC? What would they grow up to be like? (@StephanieLMcGee any thoughts?) #UFchat
10:15 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Speaking of kids just off to put mine to bed #UFchat
10:15 pm JSterlingS: Merry Gentry is pregnant, Anita thought she was… #ufchat
10:16 pm StephanieLMcGee: I would like to think that should my MC ever have kids, they’d be far more accepting than the MC’s parents b/c of opened world-view #UFChat
10:16 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat @jsmithready Has Kitty in Carrie Vaughn’s books gotten pregnant yet? Haven’t read them all…but she seems a good 1 for it! #ufchat
10:16 pm UF_Chat: @shadowflame1974 I didn’t even consider the pack mentality loving/requiring children! Xlnt. Usually see ‘new vamps’ but not same. #UFchat
10:16 pm MishaPolonsky: A bit late but I made it πŸ™‚ Hi everyone; new here at #UFchat
10:16 pm UF_Chat: @JulieeJohnsonn I agree, though I’m also not completely up-to-date on the Kitty books now. #UFchat
10:17 pm JSterlingS: A10c: Too many male MCs/male writers #ufchat
10:17 pm UF_Chat: Q11: What about seniors? (as in aged – not vampire old) Beyond 2ndry mentors & challengers, why are not seeing them as MCs? #UFchatQ11a: What are challenges of writing a senior MC? #UFchat
10:17 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat pregnancy is a huge challenge in itself. Would the MC be less likely to put self in danger, or would others try to protect more?
10:17 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Hi! Welcome. We’ll be coming back to race issues in a bit – looking at other untapped MC types in UF right now. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
10:17 pm J_GriffinB: Back… #UFChat
10:18 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @MishaPolonsky welcome aboard – grab yourself a worm #UFchat
10:18 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat re: Carrie V. you’d think it’s the natural evolution between characters Kitty & Ben…first comes marriage, then… πŸ™‚ #ufchat
10:18 pm JSterlingS: A11a: More limited mobility, slower healing… though the pros would be more experience, more cautious… #ufchat
10:18 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat 11a keeping the voice of the character true to their nascent era, I should think #UFChat
10:19 pm UF_Chat: @shadowflame1974 Find interesting-my experience not at all ‘natural’ but some cool weird stuff too that inspired supernatural ideas. #UFchat
10:19 pm StephanieLMcGee: I think one challenge of a senior MC would be the lack of energy that I’ve seen so often in the elderly. Hard to go monster killing #UFChat
10:19 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat I’m seriously now thinking a pregnant MC dur to this chat #UFchat
10:19 pm StephanieLMcGee: if you’re pooped. #UFChat
10:19 pm ericahayes: If you include a kid (or any 2ndary character) they need to serve a purpose. Hard with a 2-yo, except for using them as bad guy bait #UFchat
10:19 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat Cool, I’m excited. #UFchat
10:19 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat thinking of 4th Twilight book + Bella being pregnant…not UF persea but shows a way of dealing with vamps/parenting etc. #ufchat
10:19 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB Do you think all seniors sound their ‘era’ though? Most vital ones I’ve met more up-to-date than me! LOL #UFchat
10:19 pm J_GriffinB: @StephanieLMcGee That would also preclude them as MC, I should think #UFChat
10:20 pm MishaPolonsky: @Ben_Aaronovitch Thanks. Got my bucket full of them right here πŸ™‚ #UFchat
10:20 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat My MC does become pregnant at some point later in her stories. Huge problem with family/friends as she has to fight
10:20 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat True, but you don’t want them sound like someone who grew up in the 20s if they grew up in the 30s, do you? #UFChat
10:20 pm UF_Chat: @ericahayes Agree would be hard but not impossible. And toddlers (esp once talking) could add a lot… #UFchat
10:20 pm UF_Chat: Q11b: Considering large % of consumers of UF bks are well over 30, why are older MCs not used more? #UFchat
10:21 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @ericahayes perhaps when they turn teenagers they get to be rebellious and more of a conflict character! πŸ™‚ #ufchat
10:21 pm UF_Chat: Q11c: Is UF following ParaRom trend of young, hot, 1st love for MCs for marketing sake or really only want to read young MCs? #UFchat
10:21 pm UF_Chat: Q12: What about a disabled MC? Challenges vs potential? #UFchat
10:22 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat A11b Good question but in a long running series sooner or later a non-immortal is going to be a senior #UFchat
10:22 pm JSterlingS: 11c: I so certainly hope not. I’m angered that that ParaRom genre is even being recognized as a genre. #ufchat
10:22 pm StephanieLMcGee: My MC goes from 26-30+ in the course of the book. What can I say, I’m an older person in a younger body. LOL #UFChat
10:22 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat older MC lose that sex/fantasy flavor. Who wants to read about getting older. Readers want to have someone who is eager and rdy.
10:22 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB Oh yes – agree there -just meant not all are stuck in their ‘prime era’. But yes going backward would be… not right. #UFchat
10:23 pm J_GriffinB: @Ben_Aaronovitch Stands to reason the earlier you start them, the longer the run you could make with them… #UFChat
10:23 pm MarciSischo: Ooops! Running late today. Hello! #UFChat
10:23 pm UF_Chat: @JSterlingS Angered because it’s really just romance? #UFchat
10:23 pm annikkawoods: Am I too late? #ufchat
10:23 pm JSterlingS: @UF_Chat Disabled MC: Daredevil. Cyclops Rogue Disabled does not mean unable. #ufchat
10:24 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB See that’s what I think with UF series being the norm you think aging would show up a bit more. #UFchat
10:24 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat And that’s a problem I see with vamps & other ‘elder’ creatures; they rarely speak like the era of their origin, end up 1/2 #UFChat
10:24 pm UF_Chat: @annikkawoods Welcome! Here – minorities cont this week. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
10:24 pm GeneDoucette: Made it to #ufchat
10:24 pm UF_Chat: S: Disabled MC in UF used: T.Huff?s MC going blind = big part of story. C.Crane?s takes on madness/mental disorders. #UFchat
10:24 pm J_GriffinB: Sounding ‘old-fashioned’ rather than using the cadences of someone of a specific era. #UFChat
10:24 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat 11b: for me writing a character born in 1985 was harder than him being mixed race. #UFchat
10:24 pm UF_Chat: S cont: Both gutsy author choices that paid off w critical acclaim. Suggestion that non-human blood been the ?disability? MC?s have. #UFchat
10:24 pm bentley1530: @UF_Chat @jsmithready I like that Elena did not change after having children but she has a good support system and uses it. #UFchat
10:25 pm Laura_Bickle: @UF_Chat Q11b: I’m all for over-30 heroines. My heroine in DARK ORACLE is over 30…a criminal profiler under 30 is unrealistic. #UFchat
10:25 pm MarciSischo: Both my MCs are older, one mid-thirties, one mid-late forties. I’m having fun with the “kids these days” jokes. #UFChat
10:25 pm UF_Chat: Q12a: Is this true? That non-human = disability? Or is non-human just to show isolation most everyone feels anyway? #UFchat
10:25 pm JSterlingS: @J_GriffinB It’s one of those continuity things ignored for easy reading I’ve heard. #ufchat
10:25 pm UF_Chat: Q12b: What?s the difference between disability & difference? #UFchat
10:25 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat Goes back to halitosis and body odor. Nobody eats that up like they do hot characters with ripped abs. #UFChat
10:26 pm JSterlingS: @UF_Chat A12b: Having no legs is a disability. being Black is a difference. #ufchat
10:26 pm GeneDoucette: @J_GriffinB why would characters necessarily retain those speech patterns? They aren’t trapped in amber, they grow w/times. #ufchat
10:26 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB Now you’re just asking for bots. :p #UFchat
10:27 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat probably to recature the allure of youth? I’d love to see older, wiser, tired but ‘I still got it’ type mature heroine/hero #ufchat
10:27 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat 12a: Non-Human can also=privilidge, I’m looking at you blood suckers. #UFchat
10:27 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat And I shall meet them, beat them and wear their circuit harness for garters. #UFChat
10:27 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB But see IRL women get bored VERY quickly w guys who ‘have it all’ like that -we want complexity, maturity, flexibility.. #UFchat
10:27 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette They can, certainly. #UFChat
10:27 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette They can, certainly. #UFChat
10:27 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB I like the way you think! LOL #UFchat
10:28 pm UF_Chat: S: Metaphors for disabilities in UF are sometimes really about disease. We see blood disorders commonly represented in UF. #UFchat
10:28 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat Sure you do. #UFChat
10:28 pm UF_Chat: Q12c: How is dealing with disease different from having a disability? Why is disease more readily represented in UF than disability? #UFchat
10:28 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB I’d have to agree w/ @GeneDoucette Tho if a vampire is extremely old, it’d be harder to grow out of their era-of-origin. #UFchat
10:29 pm UF_Chat: Q12d: How could more common disabilities make for unique premise of sustained interest? Deafness? Blindness? Impaired movmnt? #UFchat
10:29 pm MarciSischo: A12c — UFs tend to be action-heavy. Easier to be an action hero w/ a disease than w/ a wheelchair. #UFChat
10:29 pm Laura_Bickle: @UF_Chat Q11b: Anya in SPARKS is in her 30s..she’s an arson investigator, which isn’t a career she can be fully hatched into at 20. #UFchat
10:29 pm UF_Chat: Q12e: Considering chance of handicap is very high considering exploits of UF MCs could exploring such work within trope? #UFchat
10:29 pm JSterlingS: A12c: Diseases scare the mess out of us. Look at our love of zombies. Diseases we like to believe can be cured. #ufchat
10:29 pm StephanieLMcGee: RE: 12c Could it be a perception that disease is something that can happen on a dime more than can disability? (Don’t agree tho) #UFChat
10:29 pm GeneDoucette: Disability in the hands of some become the defining characteristic. #ufchat
10:30 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @J_GriffinB @UF_Chat I’m not sure I want a hero/heroine w bad breath…isn’t that 4 the villains? The ‘good’ guys emulate our ideals #ufchat
10:30 pm eileenandrews: #ufchat I think disease is seen as more of a challenge to overcome and disability is something you have to accept in the character.
10:30 pm GeneDoucette: @StephanieLMcGee disease is contagious. Disability isn’t. #ufchat
10:30 pm UF_Chat: @Laura_Bickle Read that recently & noticed! Glad to see it. Think 30s are emerging more now. #UFchat
10:30 pm J_GriffinB: @JulieeJohnsonn Sure, if they’re cookie-cutter… #UFChat
10:31 pm UF_Chat: @Laura_Bickle And must also say really enjoyed it – fire-fighting family here & also appreciated your research! Looking fwd to next! #UFchat
10:31 pm JSterlingS: A12d: Again I go to Marvel. Daredevil, Ironman, Cyclops, Prof X all disabled chars in an uf environment #ufchat
10:31 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette And that’s the big difference right there. #UFChat
10:31 pm StephanieLMcGee: Have to run. Catch y’all next week. #UFChat
10:31 pm curlyrbr: Hi, #UFchat what’s the topic?
10:31 pm UF_Chat: Q13: What about a child/underage MC BUT adult story, not YA or middle-grade novel? Is it possible? Good or bad idea? Why? #UFchat
10:31 pm UF_Chat: Q13a: There are adult literary books w child protags. How would you make it work in mainstream UF? #UFchat
10:31 pm J_GriffinB: @JSterlingS Cyclops is not blind, therefore not qualified. #UFChat
10:31 pm MishaPolonsky: A12d: All those disabilities are challenges to be overcome. The key is finding an interesting solution that makes them stand out. #UFchat
10:32 pm UF_Chat: @curlyrbr Hi! Minorities & Other Missing Persons of UF – pt 2 (coming back to race shortly) #UFchat
10:32 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Yes – funny thing is superhero stories make huge use of this but UF not so much. #UFchat
10:32 pm curlyrbr: @UF_Chat A13: Firestarter works #UFChat
10:32 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky I am still liking the older protagonist limping his way into the fight. #UFChat
10:32 pm JSterlingS: a13: I hope it’s possible because that’s what I’m working on. In order to do realistic YA, we need to move into reality not dreams #ufchat
10:33 pm UF_Chat: S: UF often uses paranormal/supernatural creatures to explore social issues, continuing fantasy/sci-fi tradition of doing so. #UFchat
10:33 pm UF_Chat: S: Been a suggestion that lack of diversity in UF is actually due to ?replacement? of human minorities w supernatural groups. #UFchat
10:33 pm AnassaRh: Ha! Made it back for the last half of #ufchat. Putting on my writer hat again?
10:33 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky and integral to the tales being told. #UFChat
10:33 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat a child MC would be difficult to write for mainstream adults. A child would have to be very grown up to be believable.
10:33 pm UF_Chat: Q14: What supernatural groups have been used to represent minorities (racial/sexual/other) that you?re aware of? #UFchat
10:33 pm JSterlingS: @J_GriffinB Not blind, but needs special “corrective” lenses to not kill, destroy. That’s a disability. #ufchat
10:34 pm curlyrbr: A13: Charlie’s dad has a major role, but she’s the MC #Firestarter #UFChat
10:34 pm GeneDoucette: @J_GriffinB limping protagonist. That’s what made the first Die Hard movie such a breath of fresh air when it came out. #ufchat
10:34 pm UF_Chat: @shadowflame1974 It would be hard but it’s been done in literary circles so why not UF? Curious.. #UFchat
10:34 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB I agree. #UFchat
10:34 pm J_GriffinB: @JSterlingS No, the power scale tips to even when you can cut through almost any substance. #UFChat
10:34 pm MarciSischo: A14: All of them, I’d think. True Blood + Vamps = Homosexuals. #UFChat
10:34 pm GeneDoucette: @J_GriffinB I mean, you never saw Ahnold bleed. #ufchat
10:35 pm AnassaRh: A13a: Treat the child protag as an adult, make them have adult decisions. Aim at adults, not kids. #ufchat
10:35 pm UF_Chat: S: Often UF has Β½ (or less than Β½) humans as MCs. Less often are ?badass normal? humans. Even less common are plain vanilla mortals. #UFchat
10:35 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat weres, witches, vamps, zombies etc
10:35 pm MarciSischo: Vamps and shifters in the Anitaverse stand in as kind of “generic” minorities. #UFChat
10:36 pm UF_Chat: S: Though some MCs begin as plain mortals in UF they?re often turned or transformed early in 1st book. #UFchat
10:36 pm AnassaRh: A lot of the child-protag books for adults that I’ve seen involve adult themes. Lovely Bones, Lullabies for Little Criminals. #ufchat
10:36 pm JSterlingS: @J_GriffinB Unintentional, uncontrollable death and destruction counts as a disability in my book. #ufchat
10:36 pm UF_Chat: Q15: Where are plain vanilla humans (any race or persuasion)? ie. not half-breeds or w magical destiny/doodad or soon-to-be-turned #UFchat
10:37 pm AnassaRh: And stepping back to Q13 itself: Yes, definitely possible to have a child protag in adult UF. Could be great if done well. #ufchat
10:37 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat the situations the MC put themselves in, would you want to be the one putting a child in that place? cont.
10:37 pm GeneDoucette: @UF_Chat And then there are the plain mortals who for some reason every non-mortal falls in love with. #ufchat
10:37 pm JSterlingS: @AnassaRh You mean like the second half of the Potter sagas? #ufchat
10:37 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat I think, in UF, the non-vanilla humans have a higher survival rate than normal humans. #ufchat
10:37 pm AnassaRh: If done poorly, of course, will probably a) not sell or b) be sold as YA. #ufchat
10:37 pm shadowflame1974: #UFchat Depends on the story, but would have to be a very special child to handle such things.
10:37 pm UF_Chat: Q15a: What are the challenges in writing plain vanilla humans as UF MCs (not having military background/police/etc background)? #UFchat
10:37 pm GeneDoucette: @UF_Chat would you accept a plain vanilla human who just never gets older? #ufchat
10:37 pm MarciSischo: A15: Now there’s something I’d like to see more of. UF underestimates the ability of humans to hold their own vs the monsters. #UFChat
10:37 pm MishaPolonsky: A13a: A child protag would be great for a faerie story. Evil faerie captures child turns into their adventure w/ the goal to escape. #UFchat
10:37 pm tasmin21: @UF_Chat *raises hand* Plain vanilla human in mine! *shameless self promotion* #UFChat
10:37 pm Laura_Bickle: @UF_Chat I’m probably biased… My 30s are MUCH more fun than my 20s, so I love reading about characters who are a bit older. #ufchat
10:38 pm AnassaRh: Yes, exactly. RT @JSterlingS: @AnassaRh You mean like the second half of the Potter sagas? #ufchat
10:38 pm UF_Chat: Good stuff too – promote away! RT @tasmin21: @UF_Chat *raises hand* Plain vanilla human in mine! *shameless self promotion* #UFchat
10:38 pm UF_Chat: @Laura_Bickle Agree – wouldn’t want to go through 20s again actually… LOL #UFchat
10:38 pm JSterlingS: A15: Being plain in a world of Supers can be terrifying if written well, or HORRID if written poorly . #ufchat
10:39 pm curlyrbr: A15: plain vanilla humans are too easily killed #ufchat
10:39 pm J_GriffinB: @JSterlingS And my opinion is different on that point…And we all know how opinions smell. #UFChat
10:39 pm Laura_Bickle: @UF_Chat Q15a: That whole sense of “Mrrrr…what fresh hell is this?” I love it when characters do that. #UFchat
10:39 pm UF_Chat: @GeneDoucette LOL Can they be hurt? #UFchat
10:39 pm AnassaRh: Probably true. RT @annikkawoods: @UF_Chat I think, in UF, the non-vanilla humans have a higher survival rate than normal humans. #ufchat
10:40 pm GeneDoucette: @UF_Chat yes. No invincibility, just immunity to disease. That’s my MC right there. #ufchat
10:40 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat plan mortals usually turn ‘badass’ as the mayhem beings… #ufchat
10:40 pm UF_Chat: Q15b: What would be awesome about reading a plain vanilla human MC? #UFchat
10:40 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat I’ll vouch his immortal can be hurt…maybe even killed. He takes a lot of abuse. (Just read IMMORTAL earlier this wk.) #ufchat
10:40 pm AnassaRh: A15: We get vanilla humans in supporting roles right now, since you’re asking where they are. πŸ˜‰ Would love to see more as MCs. #ufchat
10:40 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat Gene’s plugging his recently published novel, Immortal #UFChat
10:40 pm leapetra: very late, was making supper, but I am here #ufchat
10:40 pm elizabethkarr: @UF_Chat Am lurking.Must admit I’m partial to ‘vanilla’ characters. Ordinary people who due to circumstances do extraordinary things #UFChat
10:40 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat That was in regards to @GeneDoucette‘s comment. #ufchat
10:40 pm UF_Chat: Must mention I LOVE seeing the plain vanilla survive, beat the odds – war stories through UF. Need more in UF please! #UFchat
10:41 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat It’s all about the struggle. #UFChat
10:41 pm bentley1530: @UF_Chat #ufchat As a person of color, the supers can not represent me when most of the time they are white themselves.
10:41 pm GeneDoucette: @J_GriffinB sneaky, huh? #ufchat
10:41 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat like Rincewind. yeah he was a wizard but couldn’t cast a spell. He could run fast and a lot #ufchat
10:41 pm elizabethkarr: Many occurences of Death by Chocolate… RT @curlyrbr A15: plain vanilla humans are too easily killed #ufchat
10:41 pm JSterlingS: a15b: That may cross over into the world of horror. Similar to a zombie flick. #ufchat
10:41 pm AnassaRh: A15a: You’d have to work the story so they didn’t get killed, and give them something they could use to win fights. #ufchat
10:42 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette Perfectly placed, if you ask me. #UFChat
10:42 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat A15b watching them outsmart all those ubermenchen #UFchat
10:42 pm JulieeJohnsonn: Me too! RT @elizabethkarr I’m partial to ‘vanilla’ characters. Ordinary people who due to circumstances do extraordinary things #UFChat
10:42 pm AnassaRh: RT @JSterlingS: A15: Being plain in a world of Supers can be terrifying if written well, or HORRID if written poorly . #ufchat
10:42 pm UF_Chat: @elizabethkarr Agree! Lot of variation as is. Throw in normal life, race diff.s & already ton to work with. Add supernatural = love #UFchat
10:42 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr But if the plain vanilla MC does something for the supernaturals or provides a service, then can be indispensable. #UFchat
10:43 pm UF_Chat: See this is why I’m partial to Batman out of Superheroes – he’s human, honed himself & skills but 100% human (with hang-ups) πŸ™‚ #UFchat
10:43 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @AnassaRh normal mortals seem to gain badass skills as the tale progresses (or they die)…there’s a learning curve! #ufchat
10:43 pm GeneDoucette: altho actually the MC is also in a world with some toned down supers. No magic. #ufchat
10:44 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @MishaPolonsky Or it could be their job; cop, vampire hunter, dog keeper… #UFchat
10:44 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat Racism is one of the things it is very hard to write without descending into cliches. #UFChat
10:44 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Came up last week (?) re in humans if you get ‘gifts’ (eg supersmarts) DNA usually balances to be deficient elsewhere #UFchat
10:44 pm J_GriffinB: @Ben_Aaronovitch bus driver. #UFChat
10:45 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky So if the supers esp are ‘turned’ from human you’d think they would have lost something essentially human they want. #UFchat
10:45 pm MarciSischo: I like Supernatural for that, too. Plain humans, fighting with just skills & knowledge. #UFChat
10:45 pm AnassaRh: Q15b: I think you’d get more sense of badass-ness, and more sense of peril. With magic-humans, you kind of know they’ll get out ok. #ufchat
10:45 pm UF_Chat: Q16: What are the most memorable ATYPICAL MC premises for a UF story you?ve read (novel length or short)? #UFchat
10:45 pm curlyrbr: @J_GriffinB I agree; it’s hard and dangerous to write from a culture that isn’t yours #ufchat
10:45 pm Laura_Bickle: @UF_Chat Yes, Batman beats Superman HANDS DOWN! #ufchat
10:45 pm AnassaRh: @JulieeJohnsonn Yes, that’s true too. I like that about regular mortal stories, and even some magic-human ones. #ufchat
10:45 pm JSterlingS: @J_GriffinB Cliches are a key component of racism though. It’s where we get stereotypes from. #ufchat
10:45 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @MarciSischo And lots of salt, lets not forget the salt #UFChat
10:45 pm J_GriffinB: I hate driving into that fuckin part of town.Damn weres are _always_ chasing the fuckin’ bus. Course, you would too, were U a dog! #UFChat
10:46 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat I think humans turned “supers” lose part of their humanity. That’s how I’ve always played it, at least, in my stories. #ufchat
10:46 pm MarciSischo: Also, now that I think of it, Supernatural has had disable characters, too. The blind psychic, Bobby in a wheelchair. #UFChat
10:46 pm AnassaRh: Seconded! RT @UF_Chat: I LOVE seeing the plain vanilla survive, beat the odds – war stories through UF. Need more in UF please! #UFchat
10:46 pm curlyrbr: @UF_Chat Yes, like compassion, faith, hope, etc. #ufchat
10:46 pm GeneDoucette: @annikkawoods Adam does take a beating at the end of the book, doesn’t he? #ufchat
10:46 pm MishaPolonsky: @Ben_Aaronovitch True. Or a journalist even πŸ™‚ Something I’m playing around with with one of my MCs. Course he’s working for a vamp. #UFchat
10:46 pm JSterlingS: Black female singer dealing with a Puerto Rican drug lord vamp-slaying team – Vampire Huntress Series #ufchat
10:47 pm ericahayes: @JulieeJohnsonn or a sidekick #UFchat
10:47 pm annikkawoods: @GeneDoucette Mm-hmm. Poor guy. LOL #ufchat
10:47 pm MarciSischo: @Ben_Aaronovitch Salt: the answer to all your supernatural problems! πŸ˜€ #UFChat
10:47 pm curlyrbr: @AnassaRh Not always true, you can always make kryptonite for your magical MCs #ufchat
10:47 pm leapetra: I can’t think of a atypical MC, all of them seem to be cops, cia, priests, professors. #ufchat
10:47 pm UF_Chat: One of my fave UF short stories is about a black mother of toddler who has to fight vamp while kid watches. Heart wrenching. #UFchat
10:48 pm GeneDoucette: Magic bugs me. You have to set some hard rules to employ magic well. #ufchat
10:48 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat Could be that the supernaturals turn to normal humans to find something they lost. Vampires fit this category esp. well. #UFchat
10:48 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat One of my fav was “Confessions of a Soccer Mom” – retired demon hunter lured back into the fray w/her daughter threatened. #ufchat
10:48 pm GeneDoucette: atypical MC? Um… *insert another plug here* #ufchat
10:48 pm JSterlingS: @curlyrbr It may be hard, but the research required to write from another culture would make you a better writer. #ufchat
10:48 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat At least the ones still trying to retain their humanity. #UFchat
10:49 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat in a non UF story similar premise A daughter convinces her now vampire mother to leave them alone out of love. #ufchat
10:49 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette And a way to reveal them without ‘telling’ what you are revealing. I loved that about Nine Princes In Amber. #UFChat
10:49 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @GeneDoucette I always dislike it when magic (as in wizards) is an inate power. #ufchat
10:49 pm tasmin21: @UF_Chat I think my Jesse is atypical. That’s why I wrote him the way I did. #UFChat
10:50 pm elizabethkarr: πŸ™‚ @UF_Chat @JulieeJohnsonn GMTA #UFchat
10:50 pm elizabethkarr: RT @UF_Chat: @elizabethkarr Agree! Lot of variation as is. Throw in normal life, race diff.s & already ton to work with. Add supernatural = love #UFchat
10:50 pm AnassaRh: A16: @alyxdellamonica had a story on Tor.com about a lesbian and a werewolf puppy. Loved that one. #ufchat
10:50 pm leapetra: @GeneDoucette mine too, Beka for the first 6 chapters, fat, emotional issues, after 6, becomes a vampire, still fat. #ufchat
10:50 pm MarciSischo: @Ben_Aaronovitch @GeneDoucette Magic as inate annoys me, too. You should have to work for that much power. #UFChat
10:50 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat I don’t think that’s the exact title of the book, but I thought it was interesting. #ufchat
10:50 pm UF_Chat: @leapetra Tor recently had short re lesbian carpenter MC who helps woman who adopts werewolf baby -didn’t read as GLBT lit. wow xlnt #UFchat
10:50 pm GeneDoucette: @Ben_Aaronovitch my favorite use of magic was probably in Constantine. the books, not the movie. #ufchat
10:51 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh Heh – you wrote my tweet.. LOL #UFchat
10:51 pm annikkawoods: @GeneDoucette I agree. I liked the way the magic was used in those stories. The movie was ok but not as good as the books. #ufchat
10:51 pm Laura_Bickle: I think I’m okay with magic as long as there’s a heavy price to pay. A lot of stories make magic too easy. #UFChat
10:51 pm GeneDoucette: @MarciSischo the advantage of making it innate is to explain why it’s not common. #ufchat
10:51 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @MarciSischo I think we can take my flagrant plug for own book as read here #UFChat
10:51 pm JSterlingS: Magic itself can be a huge disability. Or at the very least a crutch. That’s why we as writers should steal that crutch. #ufchat
10:51 pm annikkawoods: And if we’re talking atypical characters, I could introduce you to Crysali, Jae Lin, Jerryth, Brad, Celeste, and Gabriel. #ufchat
10:51 pm GeneDoucette: @annikkawoods I took a lot from them when writing. #ufchat
10:52 pm AnassaRh: @UF_Chat Yeah, I saw that. Heh. Definitely means it’s a good story, then. #ufchat
10:52 pm UF_Chat: @annikkawoods What are they? What do they do? How are they atypical? #UFchat
10:52 pm MishaPolonsky: @Ben_Aaronovitch @MarciSischo Interesting. I like innate magic, but as a tiny power a young mage needs to work and train to perfect. #UFchat
10:52 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @GeneDoucette Making it rare is a problem: I went for making it hard work, dangerous and few teachers #ufchat
10:53 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @annikkawoods @UF_Chat re Soccer Mom Just got that book out of the library! Yes, UR are right, great idea re: older MC with family! #ufchat
10:53 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette Unless it’s a key to success, in which case they’d breed more often, lots more little Adam’s running about. #UFChat
10:53 pm MarciSischo: @GeneDoucette @Ben_Aaronovitch We deliberately kept supes v. uncommon in our story, too. Most our secondaries are plain human. 1/2 #UFChat
10:53 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat Crysali is a Native American shaman cursed by Raven. He’s her familiar. She’s a hunter who’s also very mortal. #ufchat
10:53 pm UF_Chat: Also read another short in which a toddler was turned zombie. Parents caring for but out of wits re care. MC was mother. LOVED it! #UFchat
10:53 pm MarciSischo: @GeneDoucette @Ben_Aaronovitch Magic makes you grossly powerful… if you can get it right. πŸ˜‰ And live long enough to learn it. #UFChat
10:54 pm specficdb: @GeneDoucette @Ben_Aaronovitch I totally agree Constantine was brilliant w Its use of.magic but not in ur face religion #ufchat
10:54 pm curlyrbr: My MC is the only magic wielder, and it has a tendancy to corrupt #ufchat
10:54 pm UF_Chat: Must mention this doesn’t mean we’re against human/non-human mixes or MCs that are supernatural but we get lots choice re those. #UFchat
10:54 pm GeneDoucette: @J_GriffinB yes, except Adam’s not magic. #ufchat
10:54 pm J_GriffinB: I want some redneck, barely a toof between ’em protags too. Urban environment scary to them, but they know how to ‘Get r done’ #UFChat
10:54 pm Laura_Bickle: @UF_Chat I want to read the zombie toddler story…where did you see it? #UFChat
10:55 pm AnassaRh: Going back to previous questions now, during gaps: Q10 Parent MC features in Kelly Gay’s books. Teenage daughter. #ufchat
10:55 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat Jae Lin is a Japanese monster given human form who hunts only to pay her way through college…and avenge her dad. #ufchat
10:55 pm GeneDoucette: @Ben_Aaronovitch yes, but it’s a different kind of problem. Depends on what you want to do with magic. #ufchat
10:55 pm leapetra: @MarciSischo I like Pratchett’s rules for magic. The ones that study it know its better not to use it. #ufchat
10:55 pm JSterlingS: @UF_Chat Def have to share the zombie toddler story. #ufchat
10:55 pm JulieeJohnsonn: Have to go now but thanks to everyone for a great #ufchat! Always gives me lots to think about! πŸ™‚
10:55 pm GeneDoucette: @specficdb yes, Constantine hardly uses magic at all. His strength is knowledge and intellect. and ruthlessness. #ufchat
10:55 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Magic can definitely corrupt. It can turn into a vile drug if abused too much. #UFchat
10:55 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat Jerryth is a muscle bound werewolf who wants to be an artist/painter instead of a fighter. Very bright, strong, creative. #ufchat
10:55 pm MarciSischo: @leapetra Me too! We wanted to use an idea like that, but it didn’t work out for us. We were sad. #UFChat
10:56 pm leapetra: @J_GriffinB I would read that #ufchat
10:56 pm UF_Chat: Q17: Re racial migration (because it’s everywhere) why don’t we see much of this in UF? Story potential is huge! #UFchat
10:56 pm UF_Chat: @JulieeJohnsonn *Waves* #UFchat
10:56 pm AnassaRh: A10: I think if someone knows they’ll be involved in supernatural, lthey’re ess likely to risk having kids to be caught up in that. #ufchat
10:56 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @GeneDoucette Agreed, wild, esoteric or functional #ufchat
10:56 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Ah yes – the magic as drug and actually straight forward drug use in UF – don’t see too much! #UFchat
10:57 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat Celeste & Gabriel are fallen angels. Celeste wants to be a singer. Gabe owns a club that’s home to some unusual pasttimes. #ufchat
10:57 pm J_GriffinB: @GeneDoucette See that’s the paradox. If something is terribly far beyond our comprehension, the very idea of it _becomes_ magic #UFChat
10:57 pm Daylilie222: #UFChat Lovey, can you send me the link so I can join in?
10:57 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat I touch upon that in my series, for background about how the city has changed. #ufchat
10:57 pm AnassaRh: Oooh, y’know what could be cool? Vamp/were MC who has to “parent” a newly-turned supe. Off topic, I know? #ufchat
10:57 pm UF_Chat: Currently reading Kelly Gay’s 2nd bk & some main characs have to deal with a new forced drug addiction. Interesting complication. #UFchat
10:57 pm J_GriffinB: In an irony, I am listening to Queen’s I want it all… #UFChat
10:57 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @GeneDoucette Our three main weapons are strength, knowledge, ruthlessness and the truth… our four main weapons #ufchat
10:57 pm UF_Chat: @Daylilie222 http://tweetchat.com/room/UFchat (almost done – hurry!) #UFchat
10:58 pm AnassaRh: Would also like to see UF parents bringing kids into The Business, a la Supernatural. #ufchat
10:58 pm curlyrbr: @leapetra Right, and no sex for wizards in Pratchett’s world as it depletes their casting abilities #ufchat
10:58 pm annikkawoods: @UF_Chat None of them are white, none of them have a great deal of “magic”, and they all want something different out of their lives #ufchat
10:58 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB Yes – there is that problem of balancing all the wishlists against a solid story! #UFchat
10:58 pm leapetra: @curlyrbr yup, but not a problem for witches. Nanny ogg! #ufchat
10:58 pm Daylilie222: Hey all.. better late.. #ufchat
10:58 pm UF_Chat: FINAL Q18: UF wish lists: what ?missing persons? would you like to see take center stage in UF? #UFchat
10:59 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat What about vampire blood? I’ve seen it used as an addictive drug many times – esp. for normal humans. #UFchat
10:59 pm J_GriffinB: @annikkawoods One issue that can arise from this is creating your own heterogenous society. We’re all different! See how different? #UFChat
10:59 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh Did you see earlier question about how kid with a UF MC parent would grow up? Haven’t seen it dealt with (xpt superheroes) #UFchat
11:00 pm MarciSischo: A18: More vanilla humans, I think. #UFChat
11:00 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat more older characters, just saw Red, the potential to transfer that plot to a UF would be fun #ufchat
11:00 pm curlyrbr: @leapetra LOL I have her cookbook #ufchat
11:00 pm GeneDoucette: @Ben_Aaronovitch should I expect the Spanish Inquisition? #ufchat
11:00 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat A18 Giinna Yashere: Vampire Hunter #UFchat
11:00 pm MarciSischo: A18: More older characters would be good, too. #UFChat
11:00 pm annikkawoods: @J_GriffinB I base my worlds (protags are from 2 diff uf stories) on my hometown. Very unique environment around here. #ufchat
11:00 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Now True Blood is so big & director really took the idea of ‘V’ & explored it seeing more but trying to list was hard #UFchat
11:00 pm AnassaRh: A18: Anyone and everyone we’ve discussed during #ufchat the last two weeks? Really, not picky? πŸ˜‰
11:00 pm MarciSischo: After all, older hunters would be scary, esp in world where humans fight the supernatural. #UFChat
11:01 pm UF_Chat: @Ben_Aaronovitch What was the atypicality (is that a word?) for that MC? #UFchat
11:01 pm GeneDoucette: A18: I sort of invent my own when I need them. #ufchat
11:01 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @GeneDoucette Must…resist…urge… too late… ‘NOBODY EXPECTS… #ufchat
11:01 pm annikkawoods: RT @AnassaRh: A18: Anyone and everyone weve discussed during #ufchat the last two weeks? Really, not picky?<~ Exactly. This. #ufchat
11:01 pm MarciSischo: Like Pratchett’s “Old Barbarians” theory. πŸ˜€ #UFChat
11:01 pm UF_Chat: @MarciSischo YES! I like that idea – scary older hunters, absolutely! #UFchat
11:01 pm AnassaRh: @UF_Chat Not yet, I don’t think. Working my way through the chat now. Had a sudden lunch date. #ufchat
11:01 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat A18 Red neck hunter of bad’uns; a bit ignorant, missing some teeth, missing political correctness, in touch with his anger. #UFChat
11:01 pm curlyrbr: @UF_Chat sounds like celebrity rehab: superheroes’ kids edition #ufchat
11:02 pm leapetra: @MarciSischo or in the Call of Ctuthulu RPG, older characters would be the fastest ones. LOL #ufchat
11:02 pm UF_Chat: @GeneDoucette Can you give us examples? #UFchat
11:02 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat True. Although I’ve seen vamp blood used as a drug a few times even before True Blood introduced “V” #UFchat
11:02 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat Archetype would probably be a better word. #UFChat
11:02 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: @UF_Chat Black female middle aged british stand up comic #UFchat
11:02 pm GeneDoucette: @Ben_Aaronovitch bring out… the comfy chair! #ufchat
11:02 pm specficdb: @UF_Chat lol u ask tough questions. #ufchat like to see a different take on angels w o involving too much religion
11:02 pm JSterlingS: I would love to see more non-whites of all varieties including but not limited to blacks and women in UF. #ufchat
11:03 pm J_GriffinB: A18: Billy Bob the Hunter #UFChat
11:03 pm GeneDoucette: @UF_Chat I created a creature called an iffrit… I’ll probably create a few more. And when I’m not creating new ones I’m (cont) #ufchat
11:03 pm MarciSischo: I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more male heros in UF. Seems like the gals have the guys way outnumbered. #UFChat
11:03 pm annikkawoods: @specficdb That’s what I explore w/”The Fallen”, my UF about angels/demons. Religion isn’t the focal point at all. #ufchat
11:03 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Well Charlaine Harris pretty much opens her series (many yrs old now) with draining blood to sell (‘V’) so yes. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
11:03 pm J_GriffinB: @leapetra With the best running shoes. I don’t have to be the fastest, I just have to be faster than you. #UFChat
11:03 pm GeneDoucette: @UF_Chat …redefining old ones. I like removing magic and seeing what’s left. #ufchat
11:03 pm curlyrbr: @MarciSischo The Silver Horde is a perfect example! #ufchat
11:03 pm leapetra: I would like to see a Native American, not as the mystical character #ufchat
11:04 pm TrueBloodBot: RT @MishaPolonsky @UF_Chat True. Although I’ve seen vamp blood used as a drug a few times even before True Blood introduced “V” #UFchat
11:04 pm UF_Chat: @GeneDoucette There is such a thing as an iffrit… I’d have to look up it’s origins but definitely in the myth canon. #UFchat
11:04 pm AnassaRh: Q17: UF is typically set in ONE city. People hesitant to use multiple ones in a single story, as a result? “Too much” research? #ufchat
11:04 pm MarciSischo: @curlyrbr Right? I LOVED that story! πŸ˜€ #UFChat
11:04 pm specficdb: @JSterlingS @labanks does black female MC #ufchat
11:04 pm leapetra: We need more Rincewinds in UF. #ufchat
11:04 pm JSterlingS: @J_GriffinB This is why one should have a machete. To make sure YOU are the fastest. #ufchat #hamstringem
11:04 pm UF_Chat: @leapetra Patricia Briggs MC Mercy Thompson is – there are more Native Am. than blacks in UF actually. Weird I know. #UFchat
11:04 pm AnassaRh: Would love to see stories about people fleeing Super-X only to encounter Super-Y in their new country. #ufchat
11:04 pm GeneDoucette: @UF_Chat yes, but not the way I use them. I think iffrit is similar to genie. #ufchat
11:04 pm J_GriffinB: @TrueBloodBot WoD had it a long time back #UFChat
11:05 pm specficdb: @GeneDoucette @UF_Chat I believe an ifriit is a fire elemental but I could be wrong #ufchat
11:05 pm JSterlingS: @specficdb Oh I know. I’ve been devouring her books for some t ime now. #ufchat
11:05 pm UF_Chat: Coming to close here & we’re already talking different monsters! Which is xlnt because next week is all about them (+ Halloween) #UFchat
11:05 pm AnassaRh: Vampires lurking in refugee camps. Monsters immigrating along with humans, like in American Gods. #ufchat
11:05 pm UF_Chat: That?s a wrap for #UFchat today! Next week will be all about Monsters & our fave UF holiday Halloween! #UFchat
11:06 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB Yep. Even now. I’ve always been a fan of the WoD. #UFchat
11:06 pm UF_Chat: Got a topic you want to chat about? Let me know! (@inkgypsy) I?ll add it to the list & maybe even bump up the chat-date for it. ? #UFchat
11:06 pm J_GriffinB: Goin’ to WFC, who’m I gonna have to buy a drink there? #UFChat
11:06 pm GeneDoucette: Finally made it to this chat. Glad to have. #ufchat
11:06 pm MarciSischo: Yaay, Halloween! πŸ˜€ #UFChat
11:06 pm Ben_Aaronovitch: Hurrah, next week, monster worms #ufchat
11:06 pm UF_Chat: Some additional resources on minorities & the other missing persons of UF for writers & readers in next few tweets: #UFchat
11:06 pm leapetra: @UF_Chat warning next week UFchat is during my halloween party, might get drunk tweets #ufchat
11:06 pm UF_Chat: Gay Protagonist in Urban Fantasy? (the lack of and how ?other? being characters may be substituting. http://bit.ly/9K3tTF #UFchat
11:06 pm AnassaRh: Ooh. RT @UF_Chat: Coming to close here & we’re already talking different monsters! Which is xlnt because next week is all about them #UFchat
11:06 pm GeneDoucette: And not incidentally, Immortal is out now, copies ARE available (finally, it kept selling out) on Amazon. http://amzn.to/a7mCQg #ufchat
11:07 pm UF_Chat: Diversity in Urban Fantasy (Equal Rights For Humans!) by Rob Thurman http://bit.ly/bdKqoC #UFchat
11:07 pm MarciSischo: Nice chatting, everyone! See you next week! (I think… must check work schedule…) #UFChat
11:07 pm UF_Chat: Gee mom, what?s with the stake? by Sharon Ashwood http://bit.ly/bxALRT #UFchat
11:07 pm elizabethkarr: RT @JulieeJohnsonn: Me too! RT @elizabethkarr I’m partial to ‘vanilla’ characters. Ordinary people who due to circumstances do extraordinary things #UFChat
11:07 pm curlyrbr: @UF_Chat Ifrit is a fire-based aeon in FF10; all their names come from myths #ufchat
11:07 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky Know a couple of their early writers… One wrote the core Twilight 2013 Rules. #UFChat
11:07 pm EnHNorthman: RT @TrueBloodBot: RT @MishaPolonsky @UF_Chat True. Although I’ve seen vamp blood used as a drug a few times even before True Blood introduced “V” #UFchat
11:07 pm specficdb: @GeneDoucette #ufchat that’s the whole issue people end up arguing about…they want new takes on old mythos but u can’t make.them sparkle
11:07 pm MishaPolonsky: Really great chat! I’m so glad I made my first #UFchat I’ll definitely try and make the next one. Thanks everyone.
11:07 pm GeneDoucette: @specficdb yeah, I took the name but nothing else. w/o magic in my universe I’m free to play. #ufchat
11:07 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh I like that whole idea – so much you could do with it – plus think of monsters in territory that have to be dealt with 2. #UFchat
11:08 pm JSterlingS: Why #racefail was a GOOD thing: http://is.gd/geNd2 #ufchat
11:08 pm J_GriffinB: @elizabethkarr I think the best fiction around is rooted in the overcoming of adversity. #UFChat
11:08 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky Thanks for coming! #UFchat
11:08 pm specficdb: RT @UF_Chat: Diversity in Urban Fantasy (Equal Rights For Humans!) by Rob Thurman http://bit.ly/bdKqoC #UFchat
11:08 pm UF_Chat: Mind Games by Carolyn Crane (review by All Things Urban Fantasy incl handicaps of the characters) http://bit.ly/9Clze8 #UFchat
11:08 pm GeneDoucette: @specficdb I trash all of that. I treat demons as simply another species, for instance. Dragons, get demystified as well. #ufchat
11:08 pm UF_Chat: RT @JSterlingS: Why #racefail was a GOOD thing: http://is.gd/geNd2 #UFchat
11:09 pm AnassaRh: Q10b: Probably inevitable if you’ve got a series going. At some point, the baddies will think to raise the stakes. #ufchat
11:09 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB That’s pretty sweet that you know some of the early writers. I’m reading the oWoD VtM Clan Novels right now πŸ™‚ #UFchat
11:09 pm UF_Chat: A Brief Note on Disabled Superheroes? by SuperheroNation.com http://bit.ly/dse00Y #UFchat
11:09 pm GeneDoucette: this is actually the first chat I’ve been in with at least two people who’ve read/are reading the book. Pinch me. #ufchat
11:09 pm AnassaRh: @UF_Chat Or the clashes between new and old monsters? 3 different types of vamp find themselves with the same territory? #ufchat
11:09 pm UF_Chat: @UF_Chat lights out. πŸ˜‰ See you all Halloween weekend! Bring your favorite monsters, legends, movies & stories for a lot of fun. ? #UFchat
11:10 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky Incestuous community, like hollywood. Feed off one another. #UFChat
11:10 pm UF_Chat: #UFchat transcript available on the #UFchat blog in 36hrs-ish, allowing for late comments. Just use the hashtag. ? #UFchat
11:10 pm MishaPolonsky: @GeneDoucette I’m cracking it open tonight! #UFchat
11:11 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh Kinda what I meant but didn’t tweet well – yeah! LOL Think of eco-system changes etc #UFchat
11:11 pm specficdb: Please feel free to add me. I’m the twitter acct 4 the new spec fic site listing specfic authors #ufchat (plz rt) hope 2chat more next week
11:11 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat I might post from WFC, might not. Got a seat at the Baen dinner at WFC…Pays to have friends in low places… #UFChat
11:11 pm AnassaRh: Q10c: Suspect pregnancy is rare because harming babies is slightly taboo. Also (cynic here) pregnant woman aren’t hot. #ufchat
11:11 pm GeneDoucette: @MishaPolonsky awesome…! #ufchat
11:12 pm UF_Chat: RT @curlyrbr: @UF_Chat Ifrit is a fire-based aeon in FF10; all their names come from myths #UFchat
11:12 pm GeneDoucette: OK I should put the groceries away now… #ufchat
11:12 pm J_GriffinB: @AnassaRh Beg to differ. I’d like to see a witch’s power get amped by her pregnancy. #UFChat
11:13 pm AnassaRh: Q10d: If kid knew about parent’s job, would likely be tough but worried, and good with a knife. Possibly eager to come with. #ufchat
11:13 pm J_GriffinB: @AnassaRh and to me, preggars is pretty, just not for touching. #UFChat
11:13 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh See this is my question tho – UF started with writing all the ‘taboo’ stuff – women, violence, rape etc & literary fic.. #UFchat
11:13 pm J_GriffinB: @J_GriffinB woman’s Power, that kind of thing. #UFChat
11:14 pm AnassaRh: Q10d: If kid didn’t know, would think parent neglectful/abused or maybe not even care. #ufchat
11:14 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh deals with all these things already so why not UF? Just seems… like a big gap. #UFchat
11:15 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh There is that ‘soccer mom’ vamp hunter in the suburbs series but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Yet to read myself. #UFchat
11:15 pm AnassaRh: @J_GriffinB Was thinking more on “so many UF woman are stick figure sex symbols”, and pregnancy isn’t a “turn-on” like D-cups. #ufchat
11:15 pm ruthbeingruth: @AnassaRh thinking Principal Wood, whose mom was a Slayer… #ufchat
11:15 pm AnassaRh: @J_GriffinB I’d love pregnancy to be a bonus too. #ufchat
11:15 pm MarciSischo: RT @curlyrbr: @MarciSischo The Silver Horde is a perfect example! #ufchat
11:15 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB Thing is pregnancy does really WEIRD crap to a woman’s body – it feels supernatural not natural at all. Untapped for UF. #UFchat
11:16 pm J_GriffinB: @AnassaRh Well, an established character might be fun to put through this… Especially if she has a holy shit moment when power +5 #UFChat
11:17 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat Xactly what I meant. It’s also ‘Woman’s magic’, and something no ‘dead thing’ could hope to match, pretty cool. #UFChat
11:17 pm UF_Chat: @ruthbeingruth People keep forgetting Buffy series-dealt with almost all the the current issues UF is neglecting. Incredible really. #UFchat
11:18 pm AnassaRh: @UF_Chat Def. a big gap. Definitely NOT suggesting we keep to norms. But you asked why no pregnant women. πŸ™‚ #ufchat
11:18 pm J_GriffinB: And is the in-vitro child affected by the action? #UFChat
11:18 pm AnassaRh: @UF_Chat Same here, on the soccer mom. So many books, so little time! #ufchat
11:18 pm AnassaRh: @J_GriffinB Yes yes yes! #ufchat
11:19 pm UF_Chat: @ruthbeingruth Actually I think short story I mentioned of black mom fighting vamp while kid watched WAS Principle Wood’s origin. #UFchat
11:19 pm J_GriffinB: en utero, I should have said, I think? #UFChat
11:19 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB OK – definitely reading your next book. πŸ˜‰ I’d love to see this explored. #UFchat
11:20 pm ruthbeingruth: @UF_Chat (not) Balancing Slayer life & normal life from “The Body” on was one of Buffy’s strengths. No steady job, etc. #UFchat
11:20 pm elizabethkarr: AGREE! RT @J_GriffinB @elizabethkarr I think the best fiction around is rooted in the overcoming of adversity. #UFChat
11:20 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat But I don’t write UF, dears. I just like the community here. #UFChat
11:20 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh Yes – I want to see them all but all in one book would be a disaster! LOL #UFchat
11:20 pm J_GriffinB: I have many more ideas than I could ever write. #UFChat
11:21 pm curlyrbr: I have an MC who has to deal with the issue of bringing a child into her world that is unkind to humans #ufchat
11:21 pm AnassaRh: And it looks like I won’t make it through the remaining #ufchat until after work. Got to earn more money for books!
11:21 pm UF_Chat: @J_GriffinB Ditto – waiting for the direct brain download function for the rest & choosing the most urgent to actually write. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
11:22 pm J_GriffinB: It seems no one will be attending WFC with me? #UFChat
11:23 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh 😦 Will have to stay up for you again. πŸ™‚ #UFchat
11:23 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Ooh – that sounds interesting. So are humans a minority in that world? #UFchat
11:23 pm J_GriffinB: @UF_Chat I just finished the second draft of my SF cop thriller. #UFChat
11:23 pm UF_Chat: Gotta fly people! Thank you for a great ton of ideas. Monsters & Halloween next week! #UFchat
11:24 pm AnassaRh: @UF_Chat Not on my behalf, please. If you want to respond to my posts, do so in the morning. Get your sleep. #ufchat
11:24 pm curlyrbr: @MishaPolonsky Enslaved and my MC is a free, wild human #ufchat
11:24 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky You might like Benighted – plain humans are the minority & werewolves are the normal ones. Need humans for full moons #UFchat
11:25 pm UF_Chat: @MishaPolonsky but otherwise are reviled – maybe more so because weres can’t completely do away with them. Fascinating book. #UFchat
11:25 pm curlyrbr: @J_GriffinB Pardon my dumb ?? but what is WFC #ufchat
11:26 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat Hm, I haven’t checked that out. Will do. Thanks πŸ™‚ #UFchat
11:26 pm UF_Chat: @AnassaRh Current;y have insomnia & sleepless toddler – likely up anyway. πŸ˜‰ #UFchat
11:26 pm J_GriffinB: World Fantasy Convention… Industry folks, etc. End of October each year…Standby for link. #UFChat
11:26 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Now that sounds even more interesting. #UFchat
11:27 pm UF_Chat: REALLY got to go! Pumpkins need picking & monsters hunting (for research purposes of course!) See y’all next week! #UFchat
11:27 pm J_GriffinB: http://www.contextsf.org/WFC/ #UFChat
11:27 pm MishaPolonsky: @UF_Chat Take care! #UFchat
11:27 pm inkgypsy: @J_GriffinB Hoping I can attend when toddler grows to be non-toddler… πŸ™‚ #UFchat (WFC)
11:28 pm J_GriffinB: @inkgypsy Next year is in San Diego, so not quite so far for you, I think? #UFChat
11:28 pm curlyrbr: @MishaPolonsky Yes, but then I say “Vampires rule” and the agents run away #ufchat
11:30 pm curlyrbr: @J_GriffinB if a con doesn’t fall during a holiday, I can’t go #ufchat
11:30 pm J_GriffinB: @curlyrbr Perhaps if they met you at something like WFC, they might listen… Just sayin. #UFChat
11:30 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Haha. I have an idea stored away for a (believe it or not) sci-fi/UF story w/ vampires enslaving humans on another planet. #UFchat
11:31 pm J_GriffinB: @curlyrbr I took it off to go… Made some friends and came off last year’s high on the craft and possibilities. #UFChat
11:32 pm curlyrbr: @J_GriffinB I totally agree, but until I finish my PhD, math and work take precedence over travel for writing #ufchat
11:32 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky Lifeforce was an incredible movie. Zombies at the will of Space Vampires. Truly awesome. #UFChat
11:33 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Tho the humans on Earth aren’t and they don’t know about the vampire agents living there as spies for their “home” planet. #UFchat
11:34 pm J_GriffinB: @curlyrbr Good on you for getting educated. I failed to get an undergraduate degree, myself. Academia and me don’t mix well. #UFChat
11:34 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB I was going to say: I personally haven’t seen much in the realm of sci-fi mixed w/ UF. I’ll check Lifeforce out. #UFchat
11:34 pm curlyrbr: @MishaPolonsky interesting…my humans are farmed like cows #ufchat
11:35 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky The female lead is naked for most of the film, just warning you. #UFChat
11:36 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky Not that it isn’t a pleasure to watch… #UFChat
11:36 pm rpgdm: RT @leapetra: @MarciSischo or in the Call of Ctuthulu RPG, older characters would be the fastest ones. LOL #ufchat
11:36 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB Yeah, what’s wrong with that? πŸ™‚ #UFchat
11:37 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Cool. Are they kept alive for the most part or sucked dry? #UFchat
11:38 pm curlyrbr: @J_GriffinB College isn’t for everyone, but the PhD is something I had to go for, just like writing a novel #ufchat if I fail, I tried
11:38 pm J_GriffinB: @MishaPolonsky Nuttinatall, just warning in case there are children, religious fanatics or disapproving elders near your television. #UFChat
11:39 pm J_GriffinB: @curlyrbr May I ask what course of study you are pursuing? I like to have experts I can reach… #UFChat
11:40 pm MishaPolonsky: @J_GriffinB Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up. #UFchat
11:41 pm curlyrbr: @MishaPolonsky well, some have to be kept alive to breed, right? #ufchat
11:43 pm J_GriffinB: ‘Bout time fer me to git wannerin o’er ta da next perject. #UFChat
11:43 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr Oh, of course. Guess I meant whether any died at all or whether they were all kept alive and just fed on but never killed. #UFchat
11:45 pm curlyrbr: @MishaPolonsky Most diseases are under control by super-vaccines; some are kept as mates or “pets” #ufchat
11:46 pm J_GriffinB: I must remember to duck when I leave the room. #UFChat
11:48 pm MishaPolonsky: @curlyrbr That makes sense. Cool deal. It sounds like it’ll be a really great read. #UFchat
October 24, 2010
2:06 am hannahnpbowman: @AnassaRh I only follow your #ufchat posts, not the whole chat, but they have great ideas in them. πŸ™‚ I should read the rest…
2:08 am hannahnpbowman: @AnassaRh Re: pregnancy, Thursday Next is pregnant in one of her books, which are kind of UF, maybe… #ufchat
3:06 am specficdb: @annikkawoods would love to know your take on the angels and how you kept out the religion (under @kimidreams) #ufchat
6:36 am AnassaRh: @hannahnpbowman Kind of, maybe, yes. Thursday’s too out there in terms of setting for me to count them. But point about pregnancy. #ufchat
6:58 am AnassaRh: #ufchat A11a: Senior MC challenges: Voice and health, both mentioned already, spring to mind. Also several generations of concerned kids.
7:00 am AnassaRh: Re: senior health: “There are vampires!” mistaken as senility; MC has to avoid the senior’s home; walker as weapon. #ufchat
7:00 am jolantru: RT @AnassaRh: #ufchat A11a: Senior MC challenges: Voice and health, both mentioned already, spring to mind. Also several generations of concerned kids.
7:00 am AnassaRh: @J_GriffinB Heh, glad we’re not the only ones! @UF_chat #ufchat
7:01 am AnassaRh: Throwing this out there, at random: Has anyone written Deaf or anorexic MCs? #ufchat
7:02 am AnassaRh: A11b: I almost think we get young MCs because they’re “easier”, more athletic, bounce back quicker. #ufchat
7:03 am jolantru: @AnassaRh I have a partially paralyzed character. #UFchat
7:03 am AnassaRh: I’ve seen a few books with MCs in their 30s, but nobody older than that. You’d think age = experience and greater bad-assery, no? #ufchat
7:04 am AnassaRh: Ooh, excellent! RT @jolantru: @AnassaRh I have a partially paralyzed character. #UFchat
7:05 am AnassaRh: A11c: The cynic in me wants to “marketing” but I also suspect it’s a case of pub industry being several years behind. #ufchat
7:05 am AnassaRh: In other words, they’re probably buying middle-aged MCs now, but we won’t see any till 2012. #ufchat
7:09 am AnassaRh: Q12: Challenges of “disabled” MC: Finding ways to work around inabilities. Realistic portrayal from able-bodied writers. #ufchat
7:12 am AnassaRh: A12: Potential of “disabled” MC: Really cool weapons disguised as living aids. Seeing Eye Familiar. Disability turned into positive. #ufchat
7:12 am jolantru: @AnassaRh And most of my characters are in their 30s. πŸ˜‰ With kids. #UFchat
7:17 am AnassaRh: If #ufchat consensus re: minorities, accuracy, pet peeves indicative of desires of most UF readers, @jolantru‘s books will be bestsellers.
7:18 am AnassaRh: @jolantru Your books are sounding better and better? #ufchat
7:19 am jolantru: RT @AnassaRh: If #ufchat consensus re: minorities, accuracy, pet peeves indicative of desires of most UF readers, @jolantru‘s books will be bestsellers.
7:19 am jolantru: @AnassaRh Well, I hope so. But I write what I know – I want my story to be at least inclusive and real. #UFchat
7:21 am jolantru: @AnassaRh My main character is a mom, in her 30s. Mmm. With kids. Mmm. Her best friend is partially paralyzed/physically disabled. #UFchat
7:22 am AnassaRh: A12a: I don’t see being non-human as a disability. It’s all about isolation, feeling different?with bonus magic powers. #ufchat
7:23 am AnassaRh: @jolantru Inclusive and real are major selling points for me (and others, I suspect.) Love books that’re grounded in life like that. #ufchat
7:26 am AnassaRh: A12b: Disabilities = major physical disadvantage. Differences make you stand out. World not built for ppl who “don’t move right”, eg #ufchat
7:27 am AnassaRh: Another random thought: Have lower class/poor/homeless MCs been discussed? See lots of middle class women? #ufchat
7:29 am UF_Chat: @AnassaRh Most MCs seem to be scrounging for change, no matter what the background. True lower income heritage not so much tho. #ufchat
7:31 am AnassaRh: A12c: Disease can worsen; disabilities usually don’t. Disease saps strength differently, I think. #ufchat
7:32 am AnassaRh: A12c: Also, at some point disease can become disability. Chronic illnesses like MS, for instance. #ufchat
7:35 am AnassaRh: Blindness: See Daredevil, but more realistic. Honed senses, esp. to vibration. Possibly blind = able to see Beyond. #ufchat
7:36 am AnassaRh: Deafness: You’re not going to hear that siren/banshee, are you? Those vamps aren’t going to put you in thrall. #ufchat
7:38 am AnassaRh: Cerebral palsy: Paired with magic, could mean small movement, writ large. Jerk a finger, throw someone across the room. #ufchat
7:39 am AnassaRh: What if becoming supernatural didn’t cure you of human disabilities, and you’re still deaf, paralyzed, blind, etc? #ufchat
7:40 am AnassaRh: Or what if being supernatural meant your disabilities got exaggerated? Man with glasses ?> blind vamp. #ufchat
7:43 am AnassaRh: A12e: Definitely think exploring permanent injury would be cool. MC gets more and more beat up as the series goes on. #ufchat
7:44 am AnassaRh: Though now I’m reminded of Monty Python’s Black Knight: “It’s only a flesh wound!” #ufchat
7:45 am AnassaRh: On the subject of injured MCs, Kat Richardson’s gets a bum knee. Not much of a wound, compared to some, but? #ufchat
7:47 am MishaPolonsky: One of my fav. parts in that movie. RT @AnassaRh Though now I’m reminded of Monty Python’s Black Knight: “It’s only a flesh wound!” #ufchat
7:50 am AnassaRh: Okay, I think I’m talked out, unless anyone wants to respond to what I put out there. #ufchat
7:51 am MishaPolonsky: @AnassaRh W/ the permanent injury idea, every major wound/scar could tie to an important event in that series. Could be interesting. #UFchat
7:53 am AnassaRh: RT @MishaPolonsky: @AnassaRh W/ the permanent injury idea, every major wound/scar could tie to an important event in that series. Could be interesting. #UFchat
7:55 am AnassaRh: .@MishaPolonsky Or could store memory, or yield power? Touch the claw marks, get were powers for 2 hours? #ufchat
7:55 am AnassaRh: Or ? ooh! ooh! ? what about exploring phantom limb syndrome, in a literal sense? #ufchat
7:57 am MishaPolonsky: @AnassaRh Totally forgot to include the #UFchat in that last response. Oh well.
7:59 am AnassaRh: RT @MishaPolonsky: Activating powers? now that’s even more interesting.Could be opposite too – a curse.Touch claw marks, summon were #ufchat
8:00 am AnassaRh: @MishaPolonsky That’s a cool idea too. πŸ™‚ Could run the risk of doing both at once, as well. #ufchat
8:02 am MishaPolonsky: @AnassaRh Perhaps the cursed wounds are the deepest & most hidden. The others are more visible and provide minor powers. #UFchat
11:35 am jolantru: RT @AnassaRh: @jolantru Inclusive and real are major selling points for me (and others, I suspect.) Love books that’re grounded in life like that. #ufchat
1:01 pm hannahnpbowman: @AnassaRh The thing about Thursday’s pregnancy is it has basically no effect on what she does. So it barely counts anyway. #ufchat
1:03 pm hannahnpbowman: @AnassaRh I agree! #ufchat
3:51 pm AnassaRh: @hannahnpbowman Yeah, that’s true. Half the time she’s unaware it’s there. #ufchat
October 25, 2010
4:38 am inkgypsy: @kimidreams Liked your write up in the last Talechasing on the new website! Will try to promote this week during & at #UFchat. πŸ™‚
9:24 pm JulieeJohnsonn: @UF_Chat totally after the fact but here’s unique fantasy book w 13yr old MC + a teddy bear side kick. #ufchat http://amzn.to/cICbk6
11:22 pm inkgypsy: @JulieeJohnsonn The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse! Thx! #UFchat (Is reason I put up transcript later – to include late gold)
11:55 pm UF_Chat: Got a Halloween/haunted blog post going up urban fantasist’s will enjoy? Add #UFchat hashtag. I’ll collect & publish links on official blog!
11:55 pm inkgypsy: Got a Halloween/haunted blog post going up urban fantasist’s will enjoy? Add #UFchat hashtag. I’ll collect & publish links on official blog!
11:56 pm hashtager: # Got a Halloween/haunted blog post going up urban fantasist’s will enjoy? Add #UFchat hashtag. I’ll collect & publish links on offici…
11:58 pm ugbclub: RT @inkgypsy: Got a Halloween/haunted blog post going up urban fantasist’s will enjoy? Add #UFchat hashtag. I’ll collect & publish links on official blog!
October 26, 2010
2:03 am simonm223: Blogging the speculative Fiction Colloquium http://bit.ly/aPAiI5 #scifichat #writer #litchat #amwriting #wip #nanowrimo #ufchat #author
12:11 pm saskatoonauthor: The Walking Dead at Dark Central Station! Win copy of DEADTOWN or HELLFORGED by @nancyholzner http://tinyurl.com/33z2xnk #ufchat #scifichat
2:04 pm NancyHolzner: RT @saskatoonauthor: The Walking Dead at Dark Central Station! Win copy of DEADTOWN or HELLFORGED by @nancyholzner http://tinyurl.com/33z2xnk #ufchat #scifichat



Next week is Halloween weekend! Woot! And we’ll be chatting about Why We Need Monsters in Urban Fantasy & the Awesome that is Halloween (our favorite holiday! Right?) ;) :D

Remember – if you are posting a Halloween post on your blog that has anything to do with writing monsters or scary or urban fantasy this week, please add the #UFchat hashtag so we can all read, enjoy and help promote you!

Also feel free to add thoughts and resources during the week – both on Halloween and on Urban Fantasy – as you think them (and create awesome posts) or find them – again, just use the #UFchat hashtag so I can find them and add them to the discussion & transcript.

Stay tuned to @UF_Chat on Twitter for countdowns and updates and happy Halloween week!

See you next week – it’s Halloween weekend!!

Gypsy (@inkgypsy)


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