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Chat Topic & Special Guest Author Q&A: August 21st, 2010

Here’s the big topic we’ll be discussing with our special guest multi-award winning and bestselling paranormal action romance & futuristic urban fantasy author Patti O’Shea (Saturday August 21):

TOPIC: The UF/PNR overlap – what’s hot, what’s not, what’s the attraction for readers, for writers, what UF owes romance and more!

a special Q&A with Patti too!
See what people are saying about her latest book “In the Darkest Night”.

O’Shea’s fourth Light Warriors romance is a riveting thrill ride that will keep her readers enthralled.

~Publishers Weekly (Starred review!)

O’Shea has another winner. Equal parts passion and horror blend to create one great read.

~RT Book Reviews

I loved everything about this book. The action was fast-paced, the plotting intricate and well-written, and the characterization and dialogue spot-on.

~Riley’s Reviews

The latest Light Warrior romantic urban fantasy is a terrific action-packed thriller.

~Alternative Worlds

In the Darkest Night by Patti O’Shea is a wonderful action packed urban fantasy novel. O’Shea is a magical story teller who can make you believe you are living the story with the characters.

~Literary Escapism

Patti O’Shea delivers an intriguing paranormal romance ripe with complex characters and danger with IN THE DARKEST NIGHT. Don’t miss it!

~Romance Reviews Today

IN THE DARKEST NIGHT is a well-written and fast paced book. It continues the great series of the Light warriors. Patti O’shea is a great author no matter what she is writing her characters are well rounded and always full of emotion making the reader love each and every one of them.

~Fresh Fiction

We have a TON of questions and I’m sure you do too (bring them all!) – this Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy cross-over issue can get very confusing…. come discuss & pick Patti’s brain.

Patti’s books have won multiple awards including a Beacon Award on August 1st for “Edge of Dawn” winning Best Paranormal of 2010! Congratulations Patti! Her books have a wonderful mix of hard action, paranormal and passion.

Patti O’Shea is the author of the Light Warriors series, the Crimson City series, the Jarved Nine series and many other action paranormal romance/urban fantasy & futuristic books!

Throw in your thoughts and questions on how Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy overlap – what the commonalities are, what the differences are and why even ‘dark UF’ people should be aware of Paranormal Romance – it’s not as cut and dried as it first appears.

TODAY @ 3pm PST/ 6pm EST!

Follow @UF_Chat for updates and reminders.

See you in a few hours!


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