#UFchat – chat for urban fantasy writers

Chat Topic: August 14

Here’s what we will be discussing on #UFchat today (Saturday August 14th):

What’s the importance of the ‘U’ in UF?

What does ‘urban’ mean to you?


Mapping UF – the ‘WHERE’s (ie. the types of places UF writers base their stories in as well as cities used in UF series),

the WHY of why writers choose to root their stories in a place (eg. from the practical “I’m familiar as it’s my home town”, through “the city has a ton of bridges which are important to my creatures and to my plots”)

& the IMPORTANCE of cities in UF (why cities? What’s a city anyway and why is it important to the UF genre? Why are contemporary fantasies not necessarily UF?).

Lots of great article links today will be tweeted at the end of the chat too so be sure to check the transcript if you have to bail right on the hour.

I’ll be delaying the transcript upload to 36 hrs instead of 24 so all the overseas UF people and those with other commitments can still be part of the discussion as per last week. (Apocalypses excepted.)Please free to add any comments with the #UFchat hashtag to be included.

See you soon – with boots on!

TODAY @ 3pm PST/ 6pm EST!

Follow @UF_Chat for updates and reminders.

See you soon!


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