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Retrospective Writing Contest – Misunderstood Monsters & More

Retrospective is having a writing contest (with PRIZES!) that UF people should love, and, best of all, you can write your monsters in ANY genre for eligibility (it does not have to be dark fantasy, horror or ‘new horror’).

Here are the challenges:

  • Take a line from Stabbing for Dummies to use as an opening line to your story, being sure to finish with an outrageous conclusion. (Line example given on website.)
  • Write a story about a traditional monster in which you give a new perspective, showing how misunderstood these beings/creatures are.
  • Write a ‘true ghost story’ in script format for the radio show “Weird Furka”

(See website for full details of each.)

Here are the details from the Retrospective website:

WRITERS: participate in our writing contest with prompts based on these books (100 Jolts, Sheep and Wolves, Worse Than Myself – see books HERE)! The winning stories will be published on the Raw Dog Screaming Press website and the winners will receive a prize pack of goodies.

Rules: 1 piece of fiction per prompt, for a maximum of 3 per person. No piece can be longer than 1000 words, not including title and information. Attached to email as a .doc, sent to publicity@rawdogscreaming.com. Work must be obviously based on the prompt, poetry acceptable. Submission deadline: Oct. 1, results posted no later than Oct. 31.

UF/dark fantasy/horror author and winner of the Bram Stoker Award, Jeremy C. Shipp (@JeremyCShipp), will be judging the entry prompted by his book Sheep and Wolves and by his unique (and awesome) zombie story Those Below (which you can read online HERE). His is the “misunderstood monster” challenge. 🙂

Here’s the website once again with all the details.

Good luck to all taking the challenge!


One response

  1. Daisy Harris

    Can i just write a zombie love story from POV of zombie? I’ve been itching to do that anyway.

    July 31, 2010 at 2:55 PM

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