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Q&A with Stacia Kane on Writing UF & the Downside Series – July 24th

As promised, here is the Q&A portion with Stacia from the transcript only. Please note, I have reordered the times/responses a little to keep the questions/comments and Stacia’s answers close together. Don’t let the times fool you!

Special Q&A with Stacia Kane (@StaciaKane), author of the Downside Ghosts books being released back-to-back-to-back for June, July & August 2010. (Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic, City of Ghosts)

Note: I’m not sure why the times shown are wrong but the start time was 3pm PST/6pm EST.

9:15 pm UF_Chat: Downside bks = Ghostbusters meets Escape From New York +punk rock s/track, black magic, drugs & a black 1969 Chevelle. Come discuss! #UFchat

10:08 pm UF_Chat: RT @CarolynCrane: Hey! Happy to see this #UFChat @StaciaKane and Downside rocks! Look! shes brought down the internetz. #UFchat

10:12 pm StaciaKane: @CarolynCrane Thass right. I crashed the internets with mah badass powerz. #UFChat

10:31 pm UF_Chat: Time to welcome our special guest author @StaciaKane! Please hold definition discussion till after now. ? #UFchat

10:32 pm UF_Chat: I?m delighted to welcome @StaciaKane, author of Downside series, as special guest for Q&A! Thx for taking questions today Stacia! #UFchat

10:32 pm UF_Chat: I?ll ask Stacia questions by # (to help track) but feel free to add own if relates! Open/random Q&A at end. ? #UFchat

10:36 pm shilohwalker: @StaciaKane there’s a short story coming out, right? When? πŸ™‚ #UFChat

10:39 pm StaciaKane: @shilohwalker πŸ™‚ There is a Downside short story coming out, yes, but I don’t have a release date for the antho yet. #UFChat

10:27 pm deborahblake: Truth is, much of the time UF and PR are very similar. Depends on who is doing the defining! #UFchat

@marirandomities I did an interview yesterday with the Literary Project re diff between UF/PNR. Link: http://bit.ly/aqVz1E

10:37 pm StaciaKane: Sorry forgot the tag! Interview re UF/PNR differences:http://bit.ly/aqVz1E #UFChat

10:38 pm UF_Chat: . @StaciaKane‘s book features addict ghost debunker Chess Putnam & the trouble she’s pulled into by Downside (& real ghosts too). #UFchat

10:38 pm marirandomities: Urban fantasy vs. paranormal romance: RT @StaciaKane: Interview re UF/PNR differences:http://bit.ly/aqVz1E #ufchat

10:36 pm CameronHaleyUF: Am I the only one who *likes* writing genre stories? I enjoy working with and twisting the conventions. *shrug* #UFchat

10:40 pm StaciaKane: @CameronHaleyUF No, you’re not. I like to write genre stories; it gives me conventions to play with/ignore/pervert. #UFChat

10:40 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Q1: What draws you to UF as a writer? #UFchat

10:41 pm StaciaKane: I *want* to write urban fantasy. I just want to write it in my own style, my own way, with the things I think are awesome & whatever. #UFChat

10:40 pm psynde: @StaciaKane how did music play a part in the Downside Series? #UFchat


10:41 pm AlizaMannAuthor: PNR means the girl gets the Guy. UF means couple may end apart. Romance has 2b happily ever after. #UFCHAT

10:44 pm StaciaKane: @AlizaMannAuthor PNR the book is *about* the romance, & plot spins from it. UF plot is *about* whatever, & romance may come from it. #UFChat

10:44 pm Sandy_Wills: Are urban fantasies always sold as a series? #UFchat

10:46 pm StaciaKane: @sandy_wills Not always, but usually. You sell the first & say it “is planned as a series.” They buy the 1st + X# more. #UFChat

10:48 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane 2: You said ghosts are ur preferred UF ‘creatures’ & series has plenty. Why ghosts and why ?dark? ghosts? #UFchat

10:50 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Oh, I just love ghost stories, always have. They have so many possibilities, have unique backstories, they can be anything. #UFChat

10:51 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat And “dark” ghosts because those are scary! Something that’s a real threat. Unkillable. Unstoppable. Can be anywhere. FUN! #UFChat

10:51 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Q3: What are some of your favorite ghost stories/legends/tales? #UFchat

10:53 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Hmm. I like the one w/the hitchhiker who is actually dead. The one where the driver stays at the inn,wakes up in ruins #UFChat

10:54 pm StaciaKane: @UFChat Any kind of ghost dog or black dog. Any kind of white lady. The ghosts of the Tower of London. You name it I love it! #UFChat

10:52 pm CameronHaleyUF: @StaciaKane Ghosts are the most human monsters, and that makes them both compelling and frightening. I get that vibe in Downside. #UFchat

@CameronHaleyUF Exactly. They were human once, period. They lived a life, and now that life is gone. & they’re symbols of so much. #UFChat

10:53 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Q4: Has Haunted Week replaced Halloween in Chess? world? Are there other ?bogeymen? people/kids fear? #UFchat

10:56 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Hee, yeah, it has. Haunted Week actually takes place over Halloween; Oct 28-Nov 3 every year. So H-ween was part the cause #UFChat

10:57 pm StaciaKane: @UFChat of Haunted Week to begin with, when the veil between the world thinned. Kids still have bogeymen. The Cryin Man in Downside. #UFChat

10:55 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane You have an important role for a dog in the books – Can you explain for those yet to read? #UFchat

10:58 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Dogs are psychopomps. They have been in legends for centuries, the ancient Greeks etc. In this world dogs r literally used #UFChat

10:59 pm StaciaKane: to take ghosts back to the City of Etrnity under the earth. Chruch employees summon them from dog skulls during ritual. #UFChat

11:00 pm LaylaMessner: @StaciaKane Love that about your use of the dog = psychopomp myth #UFChat

11:02 pm StaciaKane: @LaylaMessner Thank you! It was tons of fun. I got to use a bunch of British Traditional Witchcraft research I’d done & more! #UFChat

10:57 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Drug use is intimately tied to story (cause/effect) ? not ever conveniently forgotten. Was that tough to write? #UFchat

11:00 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Um…no. I always feel like I should say it was so people won’t think I’m an addict, but no. It’s such a huge part of Chess #UFChat

11:01 pm StaciaKane: and it appealed as a writer *because* it marked time & structured it, added constant urgency. #UFChat

10:57 pm KM_Ruiz: @StaciaKane With the books being released so close together, was it hard to write them? #UFchat


11:01 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Chess is a functioning addict though, yes? Able to contribute to society despite addiction. #UFchat

11:03 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Yes. I did a ton of research; there are actually millions of functioning addicts in the world, people you’d never know #UFChat

11:02 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Q7: Lot of dichotomies in series: magic/tech, truth/lies, control/addiction etc (love that). Did you plan that way? #UFchat

11:05 pm StaciaKane: A7: Some of it I did, yeah. Some of it just happened & I realized it later. I planned control/addiction, but not truth/lies #UFChat

11:03 pm mark_henry: Peeking in to slather some Downside love on @staciakane! When’s 4 due and more importantly when do I get it? Noms. #UFChat

11:06 pm StaciaKane: @mark_henry *slobber* Thanks Mark! No release date yet, but I think they’re thinking of Fall 2011. Probably. #UFChat

11:07 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Q8: Covers for UK & German releases very diff to US. What R strengths of each (in your opinion) regarding Chess? #UFchat

11:07 pm UF_Chat: Here are the covers we’re talking about. #UFchat http://twitpic.com/28clf3

@UF_Chat The UK covers are gorgeous!! I love that they don’t show a clear total face, so leave it ambiguous as to how she looks. #UFChat

11:09 pm StaciaKane: Plus the smoky ghost-stuff (lol) on the UK covers is so cool. They look dark & sexy I think. The German is also very cool, love the #UFChat

11:10 pm StaciaKane: blue background on it. No bangs, & not sure where the sword came from, ha, but I do really, really like it. #UFChat

11:10 pm StaciaKane: Incidentally, the German title is GEISTERFLUT–Ghost Flood–rather than UNHOLY GHOSTS. They thought it sounded better in German. #UFChat

11:09 pm psynde: @Stacia Kane your world building was really hypnotizing! Especially loved the different patois .. Want more… #UFCHAT

11:07 pm tasmin21: @StaciaKane Aw, no release date buddies next year? #UFChat

11:11 pm StaciaKane: @tasmin21 I guess not, no. Sigh. 😦 @Psynde I’m going to try to post snippets as I write them. πŸ™‚ #UFChat

11:09 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Q9: Re ‘quotes’ fr Church texts & others give xtra dimension. Did you create them then choose lines or write as needed? #UFchat

11:19 pm StaciaKane: Q9 They’re written when book is done and tailored to each chapter. #UFChat

11:14 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Events scale of Haunted Week =big affect on pop culture. (eg Vietnam & comics) What stories/forms would be popular? #UFchat


11:17 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Last Q: Chess & Terrible are both very smart in different ways and both read. What would you find on their bookshelves? #UFchat

11:24 pm StaciaKane: Q10: Chess reads lots of fiction. Mostly literary, really. & mysteries etc. Terrible reads non-fiction, military histories & stuff. #UFChat

Q10: But Chess has loaned him some books & made him read them too. πŸ™‚ #UFChat

11:23 pm UF_Chat: Transcript 4 today?s chat on Definitions & Downside will be on #UFchat blog within 24hrs (apocalypses excepted). Follow @UF_Chat 4 updates!

11:24 pm UF_Chat: LINKS on/about Stacia?s series: #UFchat Stacia?s website including info on how to be a part of the Downside Army: http://bit.ly/cM002Y

11:25 pm inkgypsy: The Big Idea – Downside & Chess Putnam http://bit.ly/aPVp5Z – see how it started #UFchat

11:26 pm StaciaKane: Thanks for the great questions, everyone. I’m glad it seems like so many of you found something new to read during the discussion #UFChat

11:26 pm inkgypsy: #UFchat Some insightful interviews I enjoyed:All Things Urban Fantasy: http://bit.ly/cutLV4 Vampire Book Club: http://bit.ly/cOmQ91

11:29 pm inkgypsy: @StaciaKane (edit) We truly appreciate your wit & wisdom today! Cannot wait for bk 3 in few days! #UFchat

11:29 pm StaciaKane: Talking to readers is the best part of being a writer. & I’m a reader too, first and foremost. πŸ™‚ #UFChat

11:30 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Thank you again – have a well deserved drink! *clinks glass* Thanks for your help in a hugely successful 1st #UFchat!

11:32 pm StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Thank you! I hope it was successful. πŸ™‚ It seems everyone’s gone quiet! #UFChat

11:33 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane We went almost 1/2 hr over – think people had to run back to things. πŸ™‚ Was awesome! #UFchat

11:39 pm Madison_Woods: @StaciaKane I didn’t know there were still so many more hiding in the woodworks, LOL πŸ™‚ #ufchat

11:38 pm StaciaKane: @Madison_Woods Yeah, it was cool! I didn’t know so many of us would be here! πŸ™‚ #UFChat

11:41 pm StaciaKane: Has everyone read @tasmin21‘s DEVIL IN THE DETAILS? Awesome UF, male POV, married guy. Really cool. #UFChat

11:46 pm StaciaKane: My laptop battery is about to die, so it’s time for me to go too. Thanks again everyone! You can always talk to me on Twitter #UFChat

11:47 pm StaciaKane: Or email or whatever. πŸ™‚ I love getting emails from readers! #UFChat

11:48 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Do you have a fan email we can add to the transcript? #UFchat

11:52 pm UF_Chat: Want to email Stacia? Here’s the deets! #UFchat RT @StaciaKane: @UF_Chat Contact form on site or staciakane AT gmail. πŸ™‚

11:48 pm StaciaKane: Okay, I’m out! Later everyone! Thanks again! #UFChat

11:50 pm UF_Chat: @StaciaKane Thanks again! Have a great rest of the weekend. Release day looms! Again! Woot! #UFchat

11:53 pm UF_Chat: Over and out. #UFchat – Happy weekend all!


END of Q&A portion of TRANSCRIPT for JULY 24, 2010

An enormous thank you once again to the lovely Stacia Kane for answering questions about her writing and Downside series. We wish her every success (more! more!).

Book three, City of Ghosts, is out NOW!

Gypsy (@inkgypsy)


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