#UFchat – chat for urban fantasy writers

Welcome to UFChat

Welcome to the official blog for #UFchat! (The new twitter writer chat for Urban Fantasy writers and of course anyone who has an interest in UF.)

#UFchat runs every Saturday at 3:00pm Pacific time, for one hour (more or less, and hopefully that gives a wide range of people ability to participate). The chat will be moderated by @inkgypsy and any questions or suggestions can be sent to (or tweeted to) her.

Be sure to follow the official twitter account of #ufchat @UF_Chat for updates, alerts, topic announcements for the next chat and random UF news!

Not only will the chats be a great place to discuss urban fantasy writing, news and books, it will be a great place to meet brains as twisted as yours, er, mine is. I also hope it will become be a good resource for authors, readers and other enthusiastic gargoyles. Transcripts of the chats will be posted on this blog within 36 hours (except in cases of apocalypses, in which case it may take a little longer). As a bonus, there will be UF author Q&A’s every so often, just to mix it up.

Here’s a little retrospective from the first chat announcement, which gives you an idea of how things work, especially when we’re lucky enough to have a guest author participating in a Q&A:

I’m excited to announce our very first chat is extra special, as Stacia Kane of Unholy Ghosts/Unholy Magic fame will be joining us for a Q&A to start! How awesome! See the recommended reading post (up shortly) for information on Stacia’s groundbreaking series, links to her blog and to where you can read some sample chapters.

After our initial “Yay – we’re finally chatting about UF!” tweets, we’ll go into chat mode and pick Stacia’s brain about her new series (in which all three books are being released only a month apart – June, July and August 2010). Got questions about her books or her brand of urban fantasy? Let us know before the 24th, either via this blog or just tweeting a question to @UF_Chat, and we’ll add them to the list as time allows. Any time left will be spent discussing all things UF so come ready to jump right in – we’ve got your back. 😉

All welcome – see you on Saturday!

Gypsy (@inkgypsy)


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